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denim days

16th September 2013

I hope summer never ends, so I never have to take off this hat!
So labor day has come and gone… but I’m still wearing white bottoms! Hey, rules are meant to be broken, right? right!

As I’ve mentioned before, my style took a simplified turn this summer and this hat became my go-to accessory! I found it at a vintage store! I was unsure about it at first and it took me a few weeks to get up the courage to wear it; but ever since putting it on I have not been able to part with it!
To dress up my chambray shirt, and give the whole look a sense of whimsy I created a broach collage using vintage pieces! The bee and airplane broaches are real vintage pieces, while the elephant is part of  a vintage earring set! Actually, the airplane broach belonged to a gal who was an airplane stewardess in the sixties!

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On Me: skort: zara (see it here) // bag: kate spade // top: banana republic (last seen here) // shoes: tory burch // broaches: all vintage (one’s an earring) // rings: wire wrap // hat: vintage // anchor bracelet: tomorrow’s unknown (obsessed!) // arm party: j.crew // kate // vintage 

What have you been wearing all summer? Are you sad to see it go?
Oh, and before you go …


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white out

2nd September 2013

in honor of labor day, i’m stepping out in head to toe bright white!
so the rule is, no white pants or shoes after labor day, but i don’t necessarily believe in or follow that rule for a few reasons 1) i grew up in Arizona, where “summer” lasts until November, so I saw nothing wrong with rocking a white until the temp dropped to double digits. 2) i love all white for winter!

I’ve jumped on the zara skort bandwagon, every blogger, celebrities and women in new york city has been wearing this skort all summer long! it’s just so practical for the city, i love my white one so much I also picked it up in black for fall. 
blouse: necessary clothing // skort: zara // shoes: nine west (loving these from target lately, only $30) // bag:  kate spade // anchor bracelet: thanks to tomorrow’s unknown // sunnies: karen walker (similar for $17) // lips: nars, dragon girl // earrings: francescas (check me out at their blogger event here) // necklace: marc by marc jacobs // rings: Wire wrap // arm party: idiom bangles // kate spade  //j.crew ($28 version)

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29th July 2013

Summers in nyc are hot hot hot, and some mornings you just dread getting dressed… but there is one outfit solution: a cute romper!

I never really shop at forever 21 anymore, not because I don’t like it, but just because going in there gives me anxiety! However, I wanted a cheap romper to help me through the summer, and found one this one at XXI! I was pleasantly surprised with the quality and construction for the price I paid!

romper: forever 21 // shoes: // necklace: breckelles // belt: kate spade (on sale) // necklace: tomorrow’s unknown handbag: kate spade // sunglasses: karen walker
be sure to pop by tomorrows unknown for more amazingly affordable necklaces and other amazing accessories! it’s my new go-to shop!

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gingham girl

24th June 2013

nothing says summer in new york like a good old fashioned picnic!

despite my perfect picnic attire, i have yet to picnic in the city! but i did spend the day with a hansom french man!

i feel in love with gingham last year when miu miu featured this playful print for their spring collection, and i still kick myself for not splurging on a pair!
although my picnic ready dress serves as this look’s main attraction, some fabulous && affordable statement jewelry from tomorrow’s unknown made for the perfect finishing touches…
i’m loving this colored link bracelet! it’s a fresh, new take on the link trend and currently on sale for $18 (originally $28) at tomorrows unknown! i’ll soon be investing in every color to pair with my pavé link!
this amazing necklace is also from tomorrow’s unknown! i’m crazy about the antique feel, beading detail and the bright colors… oh and not to mention the affordable price point!
this dress will now always have a special place in my heart because i wore it when i became reunited with my best friend. she was serving on a mission, so i hadn’t see or talked to her for 18 months (only letters). i went to pick her up from the airport, wearing this dress and her first words to me (through tears) were “you look like a picnic basket”, so now I can’t look at it without cracking a smile! i’m so happy to have her back!
 dress: kate spade (on sale) // wedges: nine west // sneakers: converse // handbag: kate spade // necklace: tomorrows unknown // arm party: thanks to tomorrows unknown (on sale! try pairing it with the light pink one!) // j.crew // kate spade idioms // rings: wirewrap // kate spade // sunnies: miu miu // pup: sorry, not for sale :]
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when life gives you lemons

18th June 2013

… why not turn them into an outfit!

one chilly morning at the end of February,
i woke to the smell of lemons and thought “i want a lemon
dress”! weird, i know, but i was determined. anyways, i searched online, local stores and even at vintage boutiques without success. by april i was about to give up when i stumbled upon lemon printed shorts at (worn here). the next day, waffie && i wondered down to soho in search for the shorts, where i found this zesty little dress out of the same print!
i swiped my card with a smile and never looked back.
dress: c.wonder // top: kate spade (old, try this one!) // bag: vintage moschino // shoes: sam edelman // necklace: thanks to tomorrows unknown // rings: kate spade // wire wrap // vintage // arm party: j.crew // kate spade //  vintage // kate spade idiom bangles // forever 21
happen to notice my necklace? it’s my new go-to statement piece from one of my favorite etsy shops  tomorrows unknown!
for the extremely affordable price of only $22, you too can get the look in yellow or any other color!
a few more ways to get your lemon fix…
simply lemonade // eos lemon drop // smile pillow // cupcake via southern living [try a vanilla cupcake with lemon butter cream frosting] // ralph lauren chantilly tote // lemon body butter // 
before you go, take a peek at “zest” >> see the full post here
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