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Let’s Talk About Trends

21st May 2014

Happy Wednesday, or should i say trends-day! Today we’re reviewing springs hottest trends and talking about how to reinvent them for summer!

Spring never disappoints in terms of trends and 2014 was no different – pastel hues, crop tops, sporty styles and even overalls were all the rage this year. But as we start to step into summer, it’s time to separate the fading fads from the true trends and determine what styles are here to stay. So today, I’m taking these trends from runway to everyday and reviewing the results; consider this your go-to guide for Spring/summer 2014
Oh Sooo Sporty
Sporty styles with an edgy twist were so hot this Spring. Jogger shorts, perforated leather and stylish slide
ons worn with leather jackets or cool bombers helped give your gym gear a glamorous makeover!

Shoes by bucketfeet

The sporty trend is perfect for summer weekend wear or even a mini vacay. It’s easy, effortless and just downtown cool – plus, it’s great to have a trend that allows for sneakers and flats! Ditch your leather jacket and wear your jogger shorts, with a cool tee or button down blouse; or pair stylish slide ons and cool sneakers with a flirty summer dress for a fun twist on the trend.

from sporty courty
Crop tops are nothing new, but they aren’t just for the six-pack gym rats anymore! If you’re like me, and can’t put down the Cookie Dough Ice Cream (okay, now I’m hungry), or just want to wear this trend while being a little conservative, meet the high waisted skirt – your crop top’s new BFF. This perfect pairing with helps hide the hips, slim your waist and displays a smidge of midriff all while tackling this trend!
We saw long sleeved crop tops and midi skirts for spring, but give this trend a summer make over with short sleeve crop tops with a fun back (open or bow details) to pair with miniskirts or high-waist shorts.

I love the 90’s

This Spring we took things back to 1995 with overalls, oversized earrings (try wearing just one… because why not!) distressed denim and the classic sweater worn around the waist.

I thought my favorite 90’s trend would be overalls, but I have also been wearing ripped denim and a wrapped around sweater all season long. To make this trend translate to summer, just think shorter – switch jean overalls for overall shorts, and distressed denim for ripped shorts! You can even keep the sweater trend, but swapping it out for a long sleeve tee or light weight flannel.

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XO Courtney Quinn

wednesday trends-day: trills&frills

22nd August 2012

it’s wednesday, so lets talk trends!
today were tackling two twirl worthy trends: peplums & trumpet hems!

peplums were big big big for spring but are still hot for fall too! they give the illusion of a small waist or girlie curves. you can layer under them or over & wear them with almost anything!

we are all familiar with the popular peplum, but the trumpet hem is a less familiar trend that you may have not seen for a while…
trumpet hems are a bit trickier, they work best on tall or boy-ish figures, if you are too curvy or pear shaped, they can be unflattering so you might want to avoid this trend. I am a bit too bottom heavy for a trumpet hem skirt, or shirt. If you are bottom heavy or pear shaped & like to show off your ass-ets, try a fitted trumpet hem dress in a solid color, it will give you that booty-licious wow factor, without going over board.
one of my favorite trumpet hem pieces is this spurge worthy jacket from kate spade new york (are you surprised?) the trumpet is big enough to meet the trend requirement but small enough to be versatile. this tiny trumpet will work for almost every body type because the size allows it to stay flattering. this jacket also has statement details like a fun lining and bold buttons, plus the red color makes it perfect for this fall & for so many years to come. 

since my body type is more peplum friendly, here’s how I pump up my looks with a patterned peplum top. I actually don’t own any trumpet pieces yet, but i’ll keep an eye out and send any ideas your way!
one // two // three // four Photobucket 

wednesday trends-day: prints of prey

1st August 2012

It’s wednesday and you know what that means…
so today, we’re taking on the always trendy animal prints in prints of prey.

Animal prints are always wildly popular for fall, we saw it last year and we will probably see it again in 2012. This year, its leopard vs zebra, where some prints will be battling for reign of the runway!

before you go wild, make sure you learn the rules of the jungle with my tips and tricks for wearing animal prints and really any big or bold pattern.
one: prints like to be the star of an outfit, so pair them with complimentary neutral hues & basic pieces to let them shine // two: prints can go cheap in a hurry, be sure to invest in quality printed pieces that will last you a lifetime while looking lush // brighten up your animalistic look with fun pops of color try green or pink for leopard and yellow or red for zebra // pile on the prints! animal patterns can be the perfect pattern mixing piece // since animal prints can go trashy fast, above all, stay classy. use classic silhouettes and timeless shapes to keep from going too wild // here’s how I do it…
one // two // three // four // five // six
and if you are torn between these perfect prints? pair predator with prey in a zebra meets leopard look!
Put your best print forward:
something to consider before picking your print: skin tone! Good news for you tan ladies (whether you got it from a salon, the sun or your momma) who can really get away with leopard or zebra (with my carmel complexion, the black and white contrast looks best on me)! But if you are on the fairer side, a darker leopard may suit you best but beware of those lighter leopards with a pale base that will wash you out!
while I love me some leopard (and I love being a leo), I am really into zebra right no, so that’s the pattern I pick.. for the moment. nevertheless, my wardrobe may beg to differ since leopard is my current king of my closet.
so where does your allegiance lie? spots or stripes leopard or zebra? predator or prey?

Wednesday Trends-day: Arm Party

18th July 2012

Wednesday is now Trends-day were we discuss all that is new and now!
& you are invited to celebrate today’s trends-day: arm parties.

Arm Party, Arm Candy, whatever you call this beautiful body bling, it is a show-stopping and easy to implement trend that you should take notice of!
You’re Invited to deck your arms with bling & bangles! No matter what your style, everyone can & should layer on the arm candy for a yummy look.
Here’s my personal party tool kit, the bangles & bracelets I use to bling it up.
one // two // three // four
Want to join the party? well you can! Here are two easy and affordable ways to get the look!
With arm parties three is the magic number, start with three bracelets and then add on as your candy collection grows. Try investing in a set of two brinke bracelets, then add a fabulous taylor morgan bracelet.
party on! 

 photo Untitled137_zpsff8c8db1.png

be buzzworthy

22nd March 2012

Lets discuss a creepy crawling trend that took flight last spring but is still buzzworthy for spring 2012, that I will be incorporating into this next look.

Top: Honeycomb One Piece, Modcloth. Skirt: purchased at a small boutique in New York. Belt: Gathered Bow Belt in Black Patent, Kate Spade (no longer available). Cardigan: Black Cropped Cardie, H&M. Shoes: Medugorje pumps in turquoise, John Fluevog. Clutch: Recital Farrah Piano Clutch, Kate Spade (nla). Tights: Sheer Polka Dots, Kate Spade (similar). Earrings: Gum Drops in Black, kate spade. Idom Bangles, kate spade. Ring: All Wrapped Up Bow Ring: Kate Spade.
Did you know…
That my top is actually a swim suit!?
 I buy a ton of swim suits, not because I swim (since I don’t swim… or go to the beach, sand… ew!) but because they make great tops! So this Spring, use what you have: If you have a cute tankini or one piece, pair it with a flirty skirt or high waisted shorts to reveal just a bit of skin and make the most of your wardrobe.
&& Did you also know…
I’ve done this before!? In a previous “obsessed” post featuring bralettes from about a year ago where I wore a swim suit top from asos.
A Do or a Don’t?
How do you feel about swim suits doubling as shirts? Is it a do or a don’t? and why or why not!?

Peplum Party

20th January 2012

For our 8th day of the 12 days of 2012, lets celebrate another new spring trend!
Peplum shirts, skirts and dresses were all over the spring runway.
Spring 2012: Jason Wu, Thakoon and Rodarte 
Some of the prettiest spring peplums came from one of my designer favorites: Jason Wu
 Jason Wu Spring 2012
One of my absolutely favorite fashionistas Emma Watson was also seen walking the red carpet in a fabulous Jason Wu peplum look.
Emma Watson in Jason Wu
My Personal Peplum Party:
Dress: Forever 21. Tights: Target. Shoes: Gross Grain Glitter Heel Karolina, Kate Spade. Earrings: Kate Spade. Ring: DIY Domino. Belt: Gathered Bow, Kate Spade.
DIY Peplum:
Even before peplums were in style they were a silhouette I tried to wear often because they can be very flattering while looking high fashion. But back then they were so hard to find I often created my own and you can too!
Dare: try playing with pattern when creating your own peplum!
Dress: Forever 21. Skirt: H&M. Belt: Anne Klien. Shoes: Charlottes Russe. Bracelet: New York Charm, French Market. Ring: Forever 21 and Kate Spade. Earrings: Coach. 

2012, the Year of Pattern

18th January 2012

2012 is the year of pattern in more ways then one!
As 2011 was the year of color at Kate Spade, now 2012 is the year of pattern, starting with january as a month filled with stripes.
Other patterns such as polkadots and fun florals will be featured throughout the year.

2012 is also the year of pattern because of two hot spring trends: Bird Prints and Abstract Art inspired patterns.
What fun patterns will you be testing out this year?