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Poppy Vintage

20th August 2014

Red has somehow become my signature color. It started with my go-to red lipstick and spread like wildfire throughout my wardrobe… but I can’t say I am mad about it.

I’ve gabbed about my affinity for a vintage find before (remember this post) and am doing it again today. I can’t help it, I just love vintage goodies so dang much #sorrynotsorry Adding something vintage to your wardrobe can be the perfect way to add a special splash to your closet – who doesn’t love having something that no one else does?!
When I saw this poppy printed vintage skirt I was instantly smitten. I love the silky printed fabric and the shape is so unique and different – all great qualities for a vintage find. It’s from thrftwares (just like my go-to summer romper) which is quickly becoming my go-to for online vintage shopping – I’m just crazy about everything they have to offer! At first sight I thought I might be too curvy for the shape, a teared pencil skirt with scalloped pleats is not usually my friend, but I gave it a whirl anyways and actually learned a little something – don’t worry, of course I will share.
If you too fear a pencil skirt and dread making your hips look bigger with slim fit scallops here’s how to  fight off your fright:
1) It’s all about the length:
make sure you pick a pencil that hits right at or below the knee. As a girl with no legs I generally avoid this length, but it actually elongates your body creating the illusion of a slimmer tummy and hips, buh-bye trouble spots! I added another layer of proportion play by pairing it with a sassy off the shoulder crop top where the off-the-shoulder-ness and smidge of midriff trick your eye into giving you an even tinnier tummy – yes please!
2) high waisted, hayyy:
a hight waisted skirt is your new bff, pulling you in at your tiniest point before hugging your hips draws the eye to your little waist without emphasizing your less tiny places 😉
3) Say yes to pattern:
Pattern and color don’t hurt your hips, they actually help hide them! We usually stray away from bright colors and patterns in trouble areas because we are afraid they make us look bigger — sooo false. Wearing a printed piece helps distracts from any minor belly, hip or trouble areas on your body. The playful pattern will be all they see, and you of course, looking fab!
Wearing mostly vintage:
Vintage poppy skirt c/o thriftwares (my new online vintage fav)
Off the shoulder Asos crop top (not vintage) – similar here, here & more here
Moschino red lip clutch (vintage) (similar here, here and here)
Christian Louboutins resale via Crossroads
Jewels c/o Armed & Readi
P.S. Don’t you love my jewels? I am wearing all pieces from Armed & Readi’s new collection, shh! I’m also working on a super fun collab with them that I cannot wait to share with you! Until then, stock up on your favs here.

/// shop stellar vintage finds at thriftwares ///


Summer Vintage

23rd July 2014

I have an on again off again love affair with vintage. Sometimes I want something shiny & new, but other times I find joy in teaching old clothes new tricks! Today is one of those days — I’m wearing a look that’s nearly all vintage from head to toe.

Some of my favorite pieces in my collection are vintage like this Moschino bag I wear nonstop, my kelly Courtney green clutch (in this post), this little black dress and my trusty cross body picnic basket. When I lived in AZ I would go treasure hunting in the Melrose district with my mom and Waffles almost every weekend. The coolest thing we ever found were giant, metal letters from an old store, we mixed & matched to make them spell “Lounge” then added a coat of paint before hanging them in our living room — I wish I had a picture to show you (what’s wrong with me) because I’m still really proud of it!
This straw bowler was another vintage win from AZ. I can’t really pull off hats, especially really round ones like this guy, but I loved it so much that I made an exception. Side note — If you too have a crazy round face and chubby hamster-esuqe cheeks (sexy) like me, you might generally fear round hats like this one. My trick? it’s all in the hair! Swoop your locks into a side bun with loose pieces or try two messy buns like mine, which was inspired by Kaley Cuoco in the Big Bang Theory (also love her hair here) it will distract from the general round-ness going on in the facial region. Anyways with the Panama Hat having such a big moment this year, I have been dusting off this straw bowler more and more, I love touching upon a trend but making it my own, and vintage gems like this hat help me do that!
This romper is also Vintage (surprise, surprise) from an awesome new online find, Thriftwares !! All the fun of vintage shopping right from your computer … yay! Sometimes I like to make a day of vintage shopping, but there are those days when I want to shop from the comfort of my couch with Waffles nesting his way into my nook (currently happening) and thriftwares is the answer. I also snagged a super cute poppy skirt (don’t worry, I’ll share it soon) and love this floral pencil skirt!
Speaking of rompers, aren’t they the perfect summer piece?! But I bet you didn’t know they can even work for fall (I know guys, it’s right around the corner … ba-nanas!). You can pair some romps with tights, booties & a boyfriend cardie or turn it into a top by wearing a full skirt over the shorts! However you rock it, here are some of my hand picked favorites:
Thanks to thriftwares, and Keiko Lynn (I got lost in her archives over the weekend, she’s just so stinking cool) my love of vintage / thrifted pieces have been revived! I’m now inspired to pick up some more treasured items…. nothing makes a girl feel special like having something that none else really does. 

AZ thrifting spots:
My Sisters Closet – When I’m in AZ I shop the melrose district for vintage finds and my sisters closet for resale goodies and designer finds (like my Moschino and the Saks 5th  avenue black belt in today’s post). They have a few locations in AZ (the chandler one is the best for frugal finds, but go to Scottsdale for designer pieces) and can also shop online here
Merchant Square – If you have a few hours to kill, spend it getting lost in merchant square, full of little “boutiques” each with their own theme and flair!
Modern Manor – We snagged a few letters for the Lounge wall from Modern Manor and waffles made a new best friend, their shop frenchie, Remy! They also have some of the most amazing furniture finds.
Sweet Salvage – every 3rd Thursday of the month this warehouse space turns into a boutique filled paradise all in theme! My favorite was the Alice in Wonderland theme, full of tea cups, playing cards and red roses. It reminded me of this birthday bash
NYC treasure hunting:
I strongly recommend a little after-brunch treasure hunting to clear the mind and clutter the closet, it’s something you can easily work into your Sunday routine. There are SO MANY amazing vintage destinations in the city, but I like to keep it in the village so I can walk off my brunch before indulging:
Starstruck village – Your classic, little vintage shop! I did some Christmas shopping damaging here last weekend (it’s dangerously close to my apt). The haul included a Burberry scarf for $30 and a cashmere Lascoste sweater for $15!
Metropolis Vintage – great prices & great finds! I love this gem of a shop!
Liza Sherman – usually out of my price range but still fun to look, I treat it like a free museum.
Club Monaco – random, I know, but Club Monaco on 5th ave has a cabinet full of perfectly curated vintage finds including Channel, Hermes and more drool-worthy designers. I always have to check out their little vintage sections because it’s forever changing and always drool-worthy. Plus they plan on continuing the hand-picked boutique feel come fall when they introduce their line of accessories from small designers around the world. I chat more about it here.
Thriftwares Romper c/o (obsessed with this one + similar on sale here)
Top Shop Koala Leopard Espadrille (+ solid colors here) || ILY Couture Ring Set c/o
Green Vintage Clutch (similar) || Black Saks belt via My Sisters Closet
Yoko Sunnies c/o Fantas-Eyes also love these pretties

A Smidge of Sparkle

17th November 2013

Holiday season is around the corner (okay, who are we kidding, holiday season is here!) and this swanky season is full of fabulous parties! So today I’m sharing my simple yet sparkly recipe for the perfect holiday look: lbd + red lip + sparkle = party perfection
i found this lipstick print on a wall in my neighborhood and I had to snap a pic! I’m wondering if it was meant to be cheeky art or just evidence of the most fabulous mugging ever!
a little black dress is the perfect way to play it safe while still looking chic for any event, but adding the statement red lip and a little bit of glitter help elevate this classic look by giving it a sparkling twist! Try pulling your hair back while going light on the accessorizing, it will really let the lips & the shoes shine! If minimal accessorizing isn’t an option for you (I don’t really do minimal, understated is overrated!) stick to the color-scheme by pairing a black belt & bag with metallic jewels. 
Don’t compromise on comfort! Cozy up with a contrasting coat to keep you warm on your way to your sparkling soirée.

// lbd: vintage (loving this one, it gives you the dramatic fit & flare feel!) // belt: h&m (old, similar herehere and here) // pumps: j.crew // lipstick: mac (I also love this one by nars) // bag: kate spade

Before you go, I wanted to share a story about this dress. It’s a vintage party dress straight out of the sixties, it’s fitted, flared and fits like a dream. I found it at my favorite vintage store in San Francisco (I also love this one), it was a wee bit pricey, but also in mint condition and felt like it was made for me … so I just had to take it home! The owner of the store is also the most fascinating man, he even scoured the country and curated all the men’s accessorizes for the recent Great Gatsby remake! If you’re ever in San Francisco you’ll have to shop the vintage boutiques at in Haight Ashbury and be sure to pop by Mystery Mister!

 photo cmc_zpsa472da3b.png
    photo adb21650-800e-47ce-afef-1aa1420e977f_zpsc6235b89.jpg

denim days

16th September 2013

I hope summer never ends, so I never have to take off this hat!
So labor day has come and gone… but I’m still wearing white bottoms! Hey, rules are meant to be broken, right? right!

As I’ve mentioned before, my style took a simplified turn this summer and this hat became my go-to accessory! I found it at a vintage store! I was unsure about it at first and it took me a few weeks to get up the courage to wear it; but ever since putting it on I have not been able to part with it!
To dress up my chambray shirt, and give the whole look a sense of whimsy I created a broach collage using vintage pieces! The bee and airplane broaches are real vintage pieces, while the elephant is part of  a vintage earring set! Actually, the airplane broach belonged to a gal who was an airplane stewardess in the sixties!

Shop Similar Items:

On Me: skort: zara (see it here) // bag: kate spade // top: banana republic (last seen here) // shoes: tory burch // broaches: all vintage (one’s an earring) // rings: wire wrap // hat: vintage // anchor bracelet: tomorrow’s unknown (obsessed!) // arm party: j.crew // kate // vintage 

What have you been wearing all summer? Are you sad to see it go?
Oh, and before you go …


 photo Untitled134_zps4360aba1.png

Just my type

14th August 2013

todays post features vintage typewriters, retro ready to wear and an adorable movie trailer that I cannot stop watching!
I don’t have cable, but I do have apple tv! so i’ll occasionally spend an afternoon catching up on movie trailers, and was doing just that went I stumbled across this darling one… 

I fell so in love with it, that I had to share! It also inspired me to show some of my favorite type-tastic items for sale…
laptop case (I bought this one for my mom for christmas, she collects vintage typewriters so I thought it was a perfect fit!)
ring // audrey hepburn art (love this one!) // bowls
bracelet (my mom has this one too, i’ve tried to steal it many of times without any success!) mug // ipad case

did you notice the outfits in the trailer? how could you not, they were practically the best part! well, incase you were interested  in getting the look, here’s thirteen flirty frocks from my favorite brand: modcloth!

one // two // three // four // five // six

seven // eight // nine // ten (on sale!)

eleven (on sale!) // twelve // thirteen (sale!)
it’s no secret I am a bit obsessed with all things vintage, so before you go, here’s some of my favroiet retro-esque looks!

when life gives you lemons

a double dose of dots

make waves 

four eyes
coney island adventure

 photo Untitled134_zps4360aba1.png


13th May 2013

sometimes, zest is more! so i’m beyond excited to show off my new lemon shorts (yes, lemon printed shorts) in today’s bright && summery post.
 a little bit of yellow can go a long way, but today i opted to double up on this bright hue with two different patterned yellow pieces. i’m especially loving the mix of the two flowers && lemon prints, it simply screams spring!

who wears short shorts? if you do, try pairing it with a solid oxford shirt, the exposed legs in contrast with the conservative sleeves make the outfit more interesting! try tying your top to expose just a little bit of skin to make the look flirty without exposing too much. 
Shirt: J.crew // Shorts: C.Wonder Store // Bag: Vintage // Jacket: H&M (Similar) // Arm Party: Kate Spade Idioms // Vintage Chain Bangle // Sequin Bangle // Kate Spade Idioms // Michael Kors // Kate Spade // Sunnies: Karen Walker // Ring: Forever 21 (Similar) // Shoes: Sam Edelman 
 photo cmc_zps9fc2c7b8.png

 photo Untitled137_zpsff8c8db1.png

bubbly boho

26th February 2012

I was inspired by Nichole Richi cira 2009ish and her boho glam style today (up top), and a bit by Gaga (look south of my ankles), but I had to add some over-the-top accessories and a girly twist to make it my own.

Top: Nichole, JCP. Skirt: Twelve By Twelve (similar). Tights: Black Argyle, Kate Spade. Shoes: purchased at a boutique in London. Earrings: Red/Gold Circle Drops, Hand-Me-Downs from Mom. Rings: Turquoise Ring: Electric Lady Land. Flower Ring: Forever 21 (Similar here or here). Gold Ring: Consignment. Gold Snake Ring: Vintage (similar here or here). Bracelet: Gold Chain Link, My Mother’s from the 80’s. Bag: Vintage. Lipstick: Supercalafragalipstick in Adventurous Red, Kate Spade.

 photo cmc_zpsa472da3b.png
    photo adb21650-800e-47ce-afef-1aa1420e977f_zpsc6235b89.jpg