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Best Coffee Table Books

31st July 2014

Calling all book worms and decor-obsessed four eyes, this post is for you! Today we’re talking the best coffee table books to add some pizzaz to your humble abode. Plus Waffles and I will give you a little taste of our living room (more to come soon).

Mug /// Vase
Growing up with a awesome interior designer for a mom, decor was always important to me. My mom had the coolest ways of incorporating super modern pieces (contemporary sculptures, minimalistic lamps and lots of stainless steal) with kitschy vintage touches (displaying her collection of vintage typewriters in the living room), so I quickly learned to follow her lead.

Bag /// Bracelet /// Notebook /// Lips
In high school I fell in love with the Hollywood regency style perfected by the goddess herself Kelly Wrestler and began to die for her designs. Soon after, whimsical nature of Jonathan Adler and Kate Spade also found a place in my heart. When I lived in Arizona I had the luxury of incorporating my vintage couch (that I scored for $75 dollars at Goodwill before repainting and kept in my closet, yes, closet) into these design styles for a glamor-meets-thrift-feel (yes, that’s a thing). But now, in my tiny, tiny, train style apt the vintage pieces are few an far between because functionality has to rule above all. 

When I first moved in last year, I channeled the old Kate Spade stores as my decor inspiration for a vintage vibe with pops of color and pattern see it here. Ironically, my apartment got a make over just as the Kate Spade stores did too (have you been to this one, it’s ba-nanans), what was once rustic & charming is now clean, crisp and b&w (but hopefully still pretty charming) – I can’t wait to share it with you! Although I was cranking up the glam factor, I still wanted to keep the over-accesorized, vintage-vibe that reminded me of so many important things of the past (Living with my mom, Kate Spade and my beloved closet couch . tear) and I do that through coffee table books, and lots of them!
{ 10 points if you know what the Q stands for }
So you may be wondering, “But Courtney, you don’t have a coffee table” – true, and I probably won’t for a while. Everything in NYC has to be bi-functional. So my table serves as a breakfast nook, flower lined jewelry box, a procrastinators favorite desk, i-have-a-shopping-problem-but-it-counts-as-cardio-right? window displace, the place where donuts come to diepre-party planning place and the closest thing I will ever get to a coffee table, and I’m okay with that. But that doesn’t mean I have to miss out on the wonder that is coffee table books. In fact I have become a collector of sorts resulting in too many to displace, hence why they are covering every surface in my apt.

The best Coffee Table books for a B&W apartment:
I usually go treasure hunting for my coffee table books, I have seriously scored at Housing Works giving a second home to a few gems, but also like to mix it up with a few new books (plus you will never find a Chanel book at a thrift store, and if you do, go buy a lotto ticket and seriously shame on you to the delusional lunatic who threw out anything with the word “Chanel”). Pairing old with new, thrifted with books hot off the press will create an interesting arrangement!

Big Book Of Chic

edited by Fabien Baron /// $85 (also available here)

By Daniel Bolt /// $40 (also here
{I also have (and love) The Gospel According to Chanel for a small read & finishing touch for any book shelf}

& just for fun I love the Great American Pinup book, it’s big & white perfect for the finishing touch on a B&W room plus it’s crazy cheap. If you are looking to spend a bit more, I suggest the Big Book Of Chic!
Also featuring : Girl Boss, Bando Planner, Alice in Wonderland & lots of Vogue
P.S. can we talk about these Pajamas – I can’t take them off, especially since it is currently 1:36AM and both Waffles and Paris are passed out (snuggling) on the rug, lucky ducks! Anyways, they are super soft & crazy cute, after wearing PJ Salvage pajamas I never want to wear another set of PJs but somehow force myself to switch off with this romper. I have even worn the shorts out of the house with a T-shirt while walking waffles, no shame here #unfabulous. Plus check out how I rocked their sleep to street wear romper in real-life. Who says you can’t wear your Pajamas all day?

Would love to hear about some of your favorite coffee table books. Leave a comment below with your pick so I can follow your lead and continue to hoard, I mean add to the collection XO

White on White

16th July 2014

If you have been following along you know the CMC forecast calls for white on white looks that are expected to last all summer long. Until no I have been mostly all talk, a white, colored & patterned look in Lulus, a LWD there, not to mention getting all goggly-eyed over a club monaco white feathered skirt, but today I’m putting my style where my mouth is with a white on white ensemble … Oh and Waffles is blog crashing, so he’ll be pretty offended (and grumpy… well grumpier) if you don’t read on!

Let’s take a second to talk about this tassel necklace, sign… I know I over-use the word obsessed so it tends to loose it’s impact but I have honestly been obsessing over a tassel necklace for quite sometime now, so finding this Armed & Readi Tassel necklace was such a pleasant surpize! 

I first met Armed & Readi when they sponsored my Macarons & Mimosas event (see it here) but that is certainly not the last you will see of my love for their product! Okay back to this tassel necklace and how it changed my life — it’s the perfect way to dress up a basic white tee, but would also look amazing over a solid shift dress or with a v-neck blouse and jeans! Try to pair it with something looser or flowy and stick to solids or large patterns to really let this necklace shine! I have one dress with a high neck and a low back that I can’t wait to wear this necklace backwards with a low back dress.

This is not the first (and won’t be the last) I dusted off my Zara skort for a all white look, see how I wore it last year here (Waffles was in that post as well, he’s such a blog-hog… literally, he snorts!)
 Nordies White Side Split Tee (similar) || Zara Skort (similar here or here)
Shoe Dazzle X Cuff (similar) || Vintage Bowler (try the panama hat
Kate Spade Summer House Robbie Bag (similar)

Stripey Stroll

16th June 2014

Okay, so there might be a chance that my stripe obsession is a wee bit out of control … and maybe this post is the proof. Today Waffles and I stole 5th avenue in non-stop stripes

Top: Zara Stripe Crop Top (similar here or here for under $10) (another version here)
Shoes: Keds Rally Cork Sneakers c/o (also in whiteorange or fun version here)
Bag: Moschino via My Sisters Closet – shop online for discounted designer resale
Sunnies: Karen Walker Super Duper Giant Tortoise Sunglasses
Headband: Coach Ponytail Scarf // love this stripe one (surprise, surprise)
Bracelet: Style This Life gold tassel bracelet c/o I’m obsessed
Bangle: Kate Spade Play Hooky Bangle

Normally, this is the part of the post where I would create some clever explanation for why I am wearing stripes for the thousandth time … but I’m refusing to apologize and instead blaming in all on my sever case of the stripes!

I think doubling up on your favorite pattern like I did here is a super fun and playful way to make an outfit-impact! The crop top & high-waist skirt combo show just enough skin to break up the pattern without ruining the print play. I added even more prints in neutral tones by adding a leopard ponytail scarf and my new favorite Keds Rally Cork Sneakers in polka dot! The use of tan blends with my skin tone to make these printed pops really neutral and help prevent the look from getting to pattern-crazed… I also love that they match my little french man as well, after all, he is the best friend and accessory a girl could have :]

Speaking of Keds their Brave Life Project will award up to fifty girls between the ages of 18 -24 a $1,000 grant to attend Keds’ Brave Life Summit in NYC this August!!! If you haven’t heard of the Brave Life Project, you are seriously missing out, its a great organization that helps girls be brave enough to follow their dreams! Enter here for your chance tor attend the Brave Life Summit – good luck!!!
 photo Untitled3d_zps3cf1c479.png

Lemon Drop

9th June 2014

I’ve been keeping it rather casual for the weekend lately, and this weekend was no exception! Waffles and I wandered about wearing my sum mer go-to’s while, running errands, testing out my new bucket bag and stopping to play with other Frenchies. The West Village is crawling with these little bug eyed monsters and Waffles is loving it, a little baby french even moved in across the street… named Mr. Smith – too cute!

Top: Asos Black Off The Shoulder Crop Top (or switch it up here)
Shirt (worn around the waist): J.crew French Print Pop-Over – so obsessed!
Skirt: Asos Cotton White Midi Skirt (Love this one on sale)
Shoes: Kate Spade for Keds Lemon Print Pointer White Ked Sneakers (more here)
Bag: Old Navy White Drawstring Leather Bucket Bag – It’s a steal!
Only $32 in white or $28 + 15% off in navy or saddle – use ONSAVENOW
Ring:  Gold hexagon ring c/o Nikibi
Crop tops & Midi Skirts have become my summer wardrobe, they are just so functional for the City Heat. And I’ve said it before and will say it again – the best way to wear a crop top without showing too much trend or feeling self conscious is with a midi skirt … no six pack required! Plus, added soothing around the waist gives it that added synch to really slim your waist all while protecting your white skirt from getting too dirty! Speaking of skirts, I think a midi cotton skirt can pair perfectly with darling keds for a casual, weekend look, and I’ve been living in my lemon printed pointer ones from the Kate Spade collab, aren’t they the cutest? I’m obsessed with the pointed toe and fresh lemon print, but ended up going a half size up as a result. You also might remember these from my 10 pieces 100 outfits spring investment post, if you need a little lemony-referesher, pop by the post!
Oh and waffles being the chubby monkey he is he can only walk a few blocks in the heat before he lays down and becomes immobile… so we always end up like this.
So When you see frenchies being toted around by their owners in the city it isn’t because they are pampering their pooch – it’s because their lazy, stubborn dog is too much of a diva to walk ;] #thisismylife
 photo Untitled3d_zps3cf1c479.png

Happy Birthday, Waffles

1st May 2014

Donuts and Bowties and Bulldogs… Oh my!
Today’s post is going to be short & sweet, just like my little man. My french bulldog, Sir Waffles Leopold Nelson Fowler the 3rd, Waffles turned two last Tuesday! So in addition to flooding your Instagram feed with my favorite waffles pics on (follow along here) we also celebrated with a bow tie themed park party… Yes, I realize I’m ridiculous, don’t judge me. Truthfully, we were partying too hard to cover the whole event, but we’re able to snap a few of the highlights.

We celebrated Waffies’ big day with a few of his favorite things: bow ties, donuts and being the center of attention! Waffles loves Washington Square Park, so a few friends met for fatty foods and fresh air! Waffles and Paris both wore bow ties, and I wore a bow-print dress to match! Some of my blogger buddies, Daisy O (coolest last name ever) and Melanie plus my awesome photographer friend, Claire Eliza were also in attendance. People stopped and stared at our giant #2 balloon wondering who was turning two, some strangers even joined us for a donut to help celebrate! Over all, it was an easy-going day-of-birth for Mr. Waffles, but I think he had a great time!
Happy Birthday little guy!
You’re awful, smelly and the most stubborn creature on the planet, but I couldn’t imagine my life without you. Cheers to many more years of city exploring, vintage bow-tie shopping and snuggly naps together.
I love you to the moon and back,
XO mom.

Back to Basics

15th March 2014

I pride myself on dressing outside the lines with my out-of-the-box style, but sometimes you have to strip things down to the basics and keep it simple. 

// Black button Christian Louboutin pumps // Karen Walker Sunnies //
// Jennifer Rex handmade leo zodiac necklace // Tiffany’s Ring //
As I mentioned before, I completely reinvented in my wardrobe last week by investing in a few key basics at Joe Fresh! Now, I’m obsessed. Their quality is amazing and their prices are so low. Plus my local store (the lower 5th ave location) is made up of the sweetest staff. I had a blast shopping with them and will be back time and time again.

xo Courtney Quinn


11th November 2013

A few years ago I wouldn’t be caught dead in brown and a few months ago I couldn’t live without a wrist full of bangles … but so much has changed since then and my style has evolved along with it. So when I needed a new coat to handle the NY chill (especially since I walk everywhere), I choose a fawn pallet which is coincidentally the same scheme as the four-leg French Man in my life: my frenchie, Sir Waffles!
peplum: h&m // turtleneck: j.crew // basic leggings // Bag: Coach // Sunnies: Karen Walkers (black) // Jewels: Threads // Boots: Bacio 61 // Socks: Zara // Pup: sorry, not for sale :]
I’m an Arizona native, so besides for the few trips to Wyoming over the years to visit family, I’ve never needed a really good coat … until I moved to NY. When I first stepped foot in the big apple early last year, I picked up a puffier coat for rainy/snowy days but I’ve found myself dreading pulling that giant monster of a coat on in the morning and in need of something classic, chic and most of all warm! So after a week of online shopping and a day store hopping in Flat iron and Soho, I think I found the perfect coat.

Polka Dot Picnic

18th September 2013

This weekend, I spent my sunday picnicking at the park with polka dots and my pup!
The weather has been beautiful lately! We’re smack in the middler of summer and fall, it’s cooled down quite of bit, making the temperature just right! So Paris and I decided to take Waffles on a little polka dot picnic at Washington Square Park. 

It’s no secret I’m a polka dot enthusiast, (basically everything I own is dotted) so I had to our bring my signature spots to our sunday adventure! Our blanket is actually an old shower curtain in disguise, (curtains work the best because of their durability) and the feast included fried chicken, biscuits, strawberries and lemonade served on polka dot plates, confetti glasses, spotted silverware and a dotted thermos (are you noticing a theme here?).  
3’s Company…
The picnic started out so pretty… but after fighting off waffles with much strength and creativity, we quickly devoured it! Here’s the aftermath…

Plates: Kate Spade // cups: DIY (I’ll share a tutorial soon!) // Silverware: Present Time via Modcloth
Dotted dinning wear shop!
Did you happen to notice my basket? Last time I was in Arizona, I found this amazing cross-body picnic basket and thought it would be perfect for the city! Soon after, my mom sent it me in NYC and I have been itching to use it ever since! It makes picnicking a breeze and it’s so easy to tote around the city!
Dress: Kate Spade // Jacket: h&m // sunnies: Karen Walker // Picnic Basket: Vintage // Shoes: H&M (similar) // Ring: Forever 21 // Wristlet: Coach (similar)

 Twirl time! I was also excited to get one last summer look out of one of my favorite twirl-worthy dresses. I dressed it down with keds and a denim jacket, but was still able to spin with a smile. 1, 2, 3, Twirl!
What are you plans for the weekend? If the weather permits it, I challenge you to sneak in one last picnic before we’re up to our turtle necks in knee-high boots and pumpkin spice lattes! Ta-ta for now….
 photo cmc_zpsa472da3b.png

    photo adb21650-800e-47ce-afef-1aa1420e977f_zpsc6235b89.jpg

denim days

16th September 2013

I hope summer never ends, so I never have to take off this hat!
So labor day has come and gone… but I’m still wearing white bottoms! Hey, rules are meant to be broken, right? right!

As I’ve mentioned before, my style took a simplified turn this summer and this hat became my go-to accessory! I found it at a vintage store! I was unsure about it at first and it took me a few weeks to get up the courage to wear it; but ever since putting it on I have not been able to part with it!
To dress up my chambray shirt, and give the whole look a sense of whimsy I created a broach collage using vintage pieces! The bee and airplane broaches are real vintage pieces, while the elephant is part of  a vintage earring set! Actually, the airplane broach belonged to a gal who was an airplane stewardess in the sixties!

Shop Similar Items:

On Me: skort: zara (see it here) // bag: kate spade // top: banana republic (last seen here) // shoes: tory burch // broaches: all vintage (one’s an earring) // rings: wire wrap // hat: vintage // anchor bracelet: tomorrow’s unknown (obsessed!) // arm party: j.crew // kate // vintage 

What have you been wearing all summer? Are you sad to see it go?
Oh, and before you go …


 photo Untitled134_zps4360aba1.png


15th September 2013

Today I’m entering a blogger contest hosted by one of my favorite sites 
wwzdw: what would Zooey Deschanel wear.

So today’s look is inspired by the new girl herself, Zooey Deschanel. I’ve adapted her “adorkable” style by pairing a retro-inspired modcloth dress in a novelty print with a bright party-cardie and four eyes. 

so todays post serves as my contest entry (cross your fingers for me), where wwzdw asks bloggers to answer the question: “what would zooey deschanel wear?” with either an outfit post or style suggestions. For my look, I decided to go with a fun, novelty printed dress from my favorite retailer: modcloth! To keep it conservative and bright, I layered with a matching cardigan and neutral oxfords. Zooey usually keeps it simple with accessories, so I paired pretty rings with a vintage-esque bag, added a braided white belt and finished with my tortoise frames. 
Zooey Deschanel star’s in Fox’s “New Girl” & is half of my favorite musical duo, She & Him (See my post about thier concert here). But I admire her for much more than just her screen and stage skills, I’m also obsessed with her sense of style, so when I heard about the wwzdw contest, I had to participate!
Pardon me, while I gush about WWZDW…
The site allows you to style stalk Zooey Deschanel from the comfort of your computer. She breaks down the specific outfit details of everything Zooey wears on “The New Girl” and in real life and has two other equally amazing sites: What Would Taylor (Swift) Wear and Worn On TV (which combines my two loves: tv and fashion by covering all other TV shows worth style stalking. I especially love the fashion of pretty little liars, hart of dixie and the carrie diaries!

dress: modcloth (last seen here) // cardie: kate spade // belt: vintage // glasses: kate spade // wedges: vince camuto (love these) // rings: wire wrap // bag: kate spade (sale!) // lips: nars 

Can’t get enough of my Zooey inspired style? Here are some more looks that might make Zooey Proud! Click the images to see the full post!
 photo 1_zps4928ebe2.png photo 2_zpsfe027851.png photo 3_zpsde4ba46d.png
 photo 4_zpsa383e173.png photo 5_zps9cbca60a.png photo 6_zps157c5a71.png
 photo 7_zps9fc26bcf.png photo 8_zps5124647a.png photo 9_zps64b2a081.png
Be sure to tune in to fox on tuesday for the series premier of new girl! And follow wwzwd for all your Zooey Deschanel style stalking needs!
 photo Untitled186_zps36b3bffa.png

 photo Untitled137_zpsff8c8db1.png