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11th November 2013

A few years ago I wouldn’t be caught dead in brown and a few months ago I couldn’t live without a wrist full of bangles … but so much has changed since then and my style has evolved along with it. So when I needed a new coat to handle the NY chill (especially since I walk everywhere), I choose a fawn pallet which is coincidentally the same scheme as the four-leg French Man in my life: my frenchie, Sir Waffles!
peplum: h&m // turtleneck: j.crew // basic leggings // Bag: Coach // Sunnies: Karen Walkers (black) // Jewels: Threads // Boots: Bacio 61 // Socks: Zara // Pup: sorry, not for sale :]
I’m an Arizona native, so besides for the few trips to Wyoming over the years to visit family, I’ve never needed a really good coat … until I moved to NY. When I first stepped foot in the big apple early last year, I picked up a puffier coat for rainy/snowy days but I’ve found myself dreading pulling that giant monster of a coat on in the morning and in need of something classic, chic and most of all warm! So after a week of online shopping and a day store hopping in Flat iron and Soho, I think I found the perfect coat.

White Stripes

19th September 2013

Summer has pretty much come and gone, so I had to squeeze in a few more summer styles before the seasons change!
I made a love connection this summer: My white skort from zara! I’ll be sad to put it away for awhile , but will definitely pull it out next spring! It might even make a winter white appearance with tights and booties… stay tuned!
I love love LOVE to layer, but on a hot and sticky NYC summer day, lathering up in layers was the last think I wanted to do! This outfit provided a simple solution: I layered with a short sleeve top to help beat the heat! So I was still able to get the layering look without sweating to death.
If you’re short like me (I’m 5 foot nothing!) an all white look can sometimes shrink you, and no one wants that! So if you are choosing to do white on white, make sure you 1) define your waist at it’s smallest and highest point (like I did with my knotted top), this will make you look longer and 2) Go with a nude shoe, they always help elongate! Even a strappy sandal (like mine) that might usually chop you up and make you look shorter, can help lengthen legs when it’s the right nude!

white top: j.crew // stripe top: ralph lauren // skort: zara // handbag: francescas // shoes: nine west // arm party: sequin // vintage // kate spade // j crew // button: vintage // sunnies: karen walker 

denim days

16th September 2013

I hope summer never ends, so I never have to take off this hat!
So labor day has come and gone… but I’m still wearing white bottoms! Hey, rules are meant to be broken, right? right!

As I’ve mentioned before, my style took a simplified turn this summer and this hat became my go-to accessory! I found it at a vintage store! I was unsure about it at first and it took me a few weeks to get up the courage to wear it; but ever since putting it on I have not been able to part with it!
To dress up my chambray shirt, and give the whole look a sense of whimsy I created a broach collage using vintage pieces! The bee and airplane broaches are real vintage pieces, while the elephant is part of  a vintage earring set! Actually, the airplane broach belonged to a gal who was an airplane stewardess in the sixties!

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On Me: skort: zara (see it here) // bag: kate spade // top: banana republic (last seen here) // shoes: tory burch // broaches: all vintage (one’s an earring) // rings: wire wrap // hat: vintage // anchor bracelet: tomorrow’s unknown (obsessed!) // arm party: j.crew // kate // vintage 

What have you been wearing all summer? Are you sad to see it go?
Oh, and before you go …


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white out

2nd September 2013

in honor of labor day, i’m stepping out in head to toe bright white!
so the rule is, no white pants or shoes after labor day, but i don’t necessarily believe in or follow that rule for a few reasons 1) i grew up in Arizona, where “summer” lasts until November, so I saw nothing wrong with rocking a white until the temp dropped to double digits. 2) i love all white for winter!

I’ve jumped on the zara skort bandwagon, every blogger, celebrities and women in new york city has been wearing this skort all summer long! it’s just so practical for the city, i love my white one so much I also picked it up in black for fall. 
blouse: necessary clothing // skort: zara // shoes: nine west (loving these from target lately, only $30) // bag:  kate spade // anchor bracelet: thanks to tomorrow’s unknown // sunnies: karen walker (similar for $17) // lips: nars, dragon girl // earrings: francescas (check me out at their blogger event here) // necklace: marc by marc jacobs // rings: Wire wrap // arm party: idiom bangles // kate spade  //j.crew ($28 version)

 photo Untitled137_zpsff8c8db1.png