Closet Basics!

12th November 2015

IMG_2405Lets Talk Basics!!!IMG_2948

Today I’m talking all about closet basics and sharing some of the must have pieces that every woman needs in their wardrobe! These basics work all year around add SO MUCH value to your wardrobe!

Mixing and matching your basics can give you unlimited outfit options and crazy clothing potential. Investing in a few key basics (like I outlined below) can stay with you season after season, year after year!

Lets See the Basics in Action! IMG_2452 IMG_2475 IMG_2528 IMG_2585 IMG_2628 IMG_2655 IMG_2842 IMG_2862 IMG_2885 IMG_2906 IMG_2952

OH and because I love Basics SO MUCH and think they are so important for your wardrobe, I also made a video talking you through a few of my favorite basic pieces outlined today. I’ve shared it on my youtube channel! I hope you check it out and subscribe :)

Click the links & photos below for all of the featured items in this post! 

Clothes: Leather Jacket || Chunky Cardigan || Plaid Scarf || White Top || Red Crop Top || Boyfriend Jeans || Camo Jacket || Black Dress

Shoes: Little Black Booties || Leather Sneakers || Nude Heels || Red Heels

Accessories: Louis Vuttion Duffle (Resale via Yoogis Closet) || Black Hat || Little Black Bag || Striped Crossbody || Leopard Clutch || Brown Belt
BIG THANKS to Rique & Shane for being the dream team behind this post

39 thoughts on “Closet Basics!

  1. Malu

    I love how you transformed all of these looks! Basics are an essential part of your wardrobe. I think many people think that if they keep up with trends they will be set, but in reality, there needs to be a set of items that you always keep around (or at least for a while). Basics are very easy to mix and match, so they are always nice to have. Plus, they can make it look like you have way more clothes than you actually do lol it works for me every time. Great post!

  2. Mina

    U r very inspiring! I love all the look’s I like how u paired all the color’s!! Wishing u continued success on everything u do! Great job

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