Aug 27 2017
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Rainbow Closet

GUYS! I’m so excited because I’ve designed my rainbow dream closet – and I can’t wait to show you!

Press Play to See my Rainbow Closet! & don’t forget to subscribe to my channel!

Don’t forget to subscribe!

P.S. If you follow me on instagram stories, you might remember last week when it was raining and I was having like one of the worst pain / sick days I’ve ever had since getting diagnosed with fibromilagia 5 or so years ago … well this was that day – hence why I look gross 🙂 so don’t judge me. Oh and if you’re ever feeling awful, a dance party and a rainbow closet are the best fix!

So you might be wondering – why did you build a giant rainbow closet? if so, I wanted to give you a little background!

So earlier this year Paris and I moved into a loft! It’s totally different from what we were looking for when our apartment search began. Originally we wanted a old / historic building (not a luxury one with a doorman) in the west village. We needed and elevator because of Waffles, but didn’t want any other amenities. We needed a two or three bedroom depending on the size because one bedroom would become my cloffice (office / closet) and one would be our actual bedroom. I found a lot of places (over 40) which is crazy for New York because most people decide after 3 or 4 and usually on the same day.

In the end, I found two awesome apartments that checked 85% of our boxes. One was on the ground floor and had an external door, no doorman and in an area similar to our old place. The apartment felt more like a house, but because of the external street door but then it also had some safety concerns, especially because it was in a more “active” part of the village very close to bars and nightlife. Pretty soon, I started calling it the SVU apartment for obvious reasons lol.

The other place was a two bedroom in a converted building, the guy who showed it too us dressed ridiculous with like 90’s sagging pants and a grill, even walking with a pimp limp – it was weird. So thats how we identified that apartment. Also no doorman, no amenities, it did have some shared outdoor space but nothing amazing. 

While we were deciding between the two apartment and comparing rent costs, I started to look at buying an apartment – just for fun. And realized, I was in a decent place where buying in New York wasn’t off the table. The only thing that would be difficult would be securing a loan because at that time I had been self employed for about a year, and I could get a lower rate if I could show 3 years of successful self employment. So then the conversation changed, instead of looking for that perfect apartment we could live in for the next 5-10 years, we started to look for a fun and different apartment that was unlike anything we would ever live in, so we could try something new for 1-2 years before we try and buy … and shortly after we found our loft!

Our loft is outside of our desired area, its a luxury 24 hour doorman building with probably 600+ units and it used to be a refrigerator factory! The ceilings are super tall, we have a luxury rooftop, laundry in the budding, a gym plus a kids place place & daycare center. Our apartment is essentially the largest studio you’ll ever see. Its one giant room with the exception of the bathroom. There’s an alcove bedroom, a corned off kitchen, a crazy long hall way and a living room twice or maybe three times the size of our old apartment – probably like two and a half. It’s crazy, but it’s taken us a while to get our lives together and get organized – mostly because its an all or nothing thing. You either organize it all at once, or none at all.

The first thing we knew we had to change in our apartment was the closet situation. The apartment comes with a decent sized walk-in in the alcove bedroom, that would work for any normal person … but not me. Paris moved his stuff into the closet and it barley fits (he has alotttttt of stuff) so we needed a solution for me. Since the living room is three times the size of anything we actually need, we decided to turn one of those thirds into my rainbow dream closet (as pictured in the video) and section it off.

After assessing my options of creating the closet, I found Contempto Space and started exploring their custom closet designs! Together (and with the help of my mom) my rainbow dream closet was born! Most of their closets are less candy colored, but they’re all super cool and can be totally custom. Check them out if you’re in the market for something magical! And stay tuned to see how I style my closet and the rest of my loft, weee

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  1. Jessi says:

    You are too cute! Love the rainbow closet. It’s just so you! Can’t wait to see the rest of your new place.


  2. Rachel says:

    That rainbow closet is so fun and perfect for you! Good luck getting all settled into your new place 🙂


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