Color Me Corporate – The Perfect Pencil Skirt

24th April 2017

FullSizeRender 10   Three things I look for in the perfect pencil skirt: comfort, and candy colored ness? …

When I first moved to New York, I dreamed of working in corporate fashion but with degree’s in business and marketing I was afraid the industry wouldn’t accept me, so I started my blog as a resume booster. My last “corporate job” was in product development making handbags at Coach, I left about a year ago to do Color Me Coutney full-time, wee. What’s weird is that I landed my dream job, but then ended up creating my own way … #plottwist!IMG_7265

Even when I worked in the “corporate world” our dress code wasn’t exactly business casual. at Coach we could get away with jeans, sneakers and even leggings (although we probably shouldn’t have opted for the latter). In my role, there was no “typical day”, sometimes I would spend every second behind a computer crunching numbers and calculating costs, when other days I would barely sit and be running between floors, form meeting to meeting or even painting (yes painting) materials. That’s kind of what I loved about it, but I quickly learned that it was no place for a pencil skirt … at least in my role.

Well thats fine for me, but the rest of the corporate world rocks slacks, dresses & knee length skirts to their 9-5. So by popular demand, I’m bringing back Color Me Corporate – a whimsical twist on your working wardrobe with darling pieces at all price points. Today we tackle the pencil skirt, by sharing a bold way to stand out at the office with bold, printed & candy coated options!IMG_0392

Under $50

$48  // $39.99  // $32  // $39.99  // $29.98  // $29.99  // $25
$48.30  // $48.74  // $31  // $16.03  // $31  // $40

Under $100

$63.74  // $69  // $69  // $63.74  // $65  // $98

Under $300

$298  // $109.98  // $128  // $140  // $138  // $300  // $185

My favorites:

$48  // $73  // 63.74  // $69  // $298  // $128  // $226

FullSizeRender 11I hope you ladies liked learning about my life before Color Me Courtney & my take on the perfect pencil skirt! I would love to hear what you guys do for a living, leave me a comment down below!

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12 thoughts on “Color Me Corporate – The Perfect Pencil Skirt

  1. Maria | Short Girl Long Jacket

    That skirt is so cute! I’ve never had a corporate job so I’ve never really worn proper workwear but if I had to I’d want to wear things with cool prints and colours. I’ve always worked in fashion and my dress codes have usually been very slack.

  2. Anonymous

    Perhaps you could do a post on how you decided to make that leap of faith and “work for yourself”– creating your brand. There are many women, including myself, looking to do the same yet scared to take the jump.

  3. Staci

    Pencil skirts make up the majority of my closet – no joke, a fourth (at least) is purely pencil skirts. They’re my favourite thing for work, despite being allowed to wear jeans to work I opt for fancy skirts and dresses 99% of the time because I’ve always been obsessed with office wear but surprisingly I don’t have a candy colored skirt – looks like it’s time to go shopping :)

  4. Ellie O

    I love this selection! Sensible corporate wear can be fun too! I work in an office in accounts but it’s a jeans kind of vibe. I like pencil skirts, but I don’t have the shapewear for them not to accentuate my squishy bits! Do you have any tips on finding a flattering cut?

    Ellie x

  5. Elsie

    I love this skirt! In fact I have it too. I’m still working on my blog post with it, but I do have a post on Instagram already. I’ve already worn it to work twice (I work in a pediatric hospital) and everyone loves the colors. It’s just such a happy skirt! Thank you for sharing your past life with us. It’s so interesting to learn about your path to us!

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