Mar 30 2015

Color Me Curly

IMG_2718           The secret’s out, I’m a Curly Q! I actually have natural, crazy, curly hair and I’m not afraid who knows it! I’m biracial, half Caucasian and half African-American, so my hair has always walked to the beat of its own drum.IMG_2805Over the years, it’s changed from crazy curly to wavy and everywhere in between. The one thing it’s never, ever been is straight & average. I used to be totally jealous of my friends with perfect straight hair—they could just step out of the shower and onto the street to let it air dry – not fair! But despite my ups & downs with these curly locks of mine, I have learned to not only love my curls but also embrace them. How? With a little product, a lot of practice and years of playing around with it.IMG_2698Wearing a red midi skirt, striped sweater & leopard clutch 

Practice Makes Perfect –

For a long time I hid my curls, relaxing my hair or straightening my locks with chemical treatments (boo). But the truth is that even then my “straight hair” wasn’t really me. I always felt more confident in curls, waves or something with a little kink. Once I found a look that worked for me, I put in crazy practice to perfect it! Now I apply a bit of Quench Absolute Crème Serum before bed, wrap my hair in a headband and head to sleep to make up to a good hair-day.

IMG_2796Wearing Marc By Marc Jacobs Sweater & Wildfox Sunnies 

Curl Play – Don’t get me wrong, some hair days are not so good. But I’ve learned to work what I’ve got. When I wake up to an untamable mane, I often toss my locks into a top knot and go. Or in the summer, I’ll even add a little conditioner to my dry hair (I really love Dove Quench Absolute Conditioner because it gives the right amount of moisture.) Since my hair is extremely dry, I can do this, but be weary if your hair is kind of oily and save it for the shower. Either way, this condishh is bomb – yeah, “condishhh” … it’s what all the cool kids are calling it these days! 😉IMG_2736IMG_2762IMG_2719Product, Product, Product – For me, product is key. You have to find a hair care line that moisturizes without “gunking” up your hair and keeps your curls touchable & soft, but still defined. Sometimes I do straighten parts of my hair (when my hair is wet, I brush it as straight as I can and lay it flat so parts of it dry straight… like the top near the roots, which gives me more curl & volume on the bottom.) Then I often add some “perfect” curls with an iron to round it all out, then I brush it all it make it mesh. I need products that work wet or dry, with air or heat! I’ve tried it all, product & household remedies. After years, I found my hair works best with a mix of both – a little olive oil has been my go-to for years and lately I’ve been loving the Dove Quench collection (especially the Quench Absolute Restoration Maskthat is amazing, and soothes my guilt when I end up turning to heat).IMG_2702What about you, are you a Curly Q too? If so, I would love if you shared some of your hair secrets!!
Using: Quench Absolute Shampoo || Quench Absolute Conditioner
Quench Absolute Restoration Mask || Quench Absolute Creme SerumIMG_2792IMG_2688

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  1. Yes! Both Jen and I have really curly hair that has calmed down a bit with age ha. But the key to managing and not crying every time I go to wash my hair is the products. Need to look into these!

    skyscrapers & palm trees

  2. Mindy says:

    Your hair looks super cute! Love your outfits as well. I’ve always wanted curly hair you lucky duck! I would give anything to not have to use a curling wand for curls. That’s how it always is though, you always want what you don’t have. Haha

    Mindy | Blonde Nouveau

  3. Mel says:

    Love your adorable hair! I always think it looks so cute

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