Come On In, The Water Is Fine!

2nd July 2015

IMG_9262A swim suit should be two things – functional and fun!IMG_9191

Although I am a sucker for a cute swim suit, it doesn’t mean I’m crazy confident in swimwear – I mean who is? Let’s face it, parading around at the beach, half wet, half naked is just plain awkward – and honestly that’s probably never going to change but Today I’m talking about my insecurities and sharing a few tricks you can try to make this wet/naked situation a little more bearable and a a lot more fun.IMG_9144

Honestly owning your flaws is one way to kind of get over them. Owning them, or even announcing them (thanks for letting me do that here, you guys rock) to a friend or your blog following (lol) not in a fishing “tell me I’m pretty” way but in a really honest, “Hey I have Cellulite and it’s okay” way, can change everything! Flaws and insecurities only have power because we let them have power, so take that power away… and BAM everything’s different.. Oh and Hey, by the way, I have Cellulite (really weird ribs, big legs and other weird things about my body that I’m not going to pick myself about because whatevzz) and It’s totally okay :)IMG_9222

Looking good leads to feeling good right? Right! So obviously the first tip for feeling awesome in swimwear is get a crazy cute suit. Something with bows or melons or both should do the trick! These are actually two suits that I mixed & matched and they kind of don’t go together, but I like it! You can also try to take a risk! I hate hate hate hate tub tops on me, but I love bows so I decided to roll the dice and give this top a whirl, totally outside of my comfort zone but that zone is for boring people, and you guys are nothing close to boring, so break the cycle!!!IMG_9154

Work with what you got! Everyone has things they hate about their body, especially sans real clothes, BUT if you find the parts that you do like and play them up in a suit, some outhouse bad bits won’t feel so, well bad! Learn to dress for your body type. If you’re kind of curvy like me, but can’t put down the donuts (hello pooch) and are therefore not exactly beach bod ready – take advantage of the high waisted swimwear trend and give that tummy a little tuck! This is also a good fix if you’re just feeling crazy bloated or ate a few too many sprinkles the night before (P.S. there’s no such thing as too many sprinkles).IMG_9136


BLACK BOW BIKINI – Get it here / similar here
MINT MELON BIKINI – Get the top (also a bow) here / get the bottoms here

Finally – Fake it till you make it! I’ve said it once and I’ll say it 40 trillion more times until you become the crazy awesome super woman (or man? hey guys 😉 ) you ARE and were born to be. If you’re not confident in your body, just fake it. Honestly, this is the best trick for feeling insecure, to smile through it and pretend like you’re not stressing about your insecurities. Eventually you forget about whatever you were obsessing over it and begin obsessing over keeping up the confidence kick, which usually intern comes naturally – funny how things work out like that eh? But seriously, try it! I promise you’re secrets safe with me.


23 thoughts on “Come On In, The Water Is Fine!

    1. Courtney Quinn Post author

      Thanks Sabrina! See its the fake it till you make it in full effect! Slap a big giant toddler smile on something and they won’t notice anything else :)

  1. Ruth

    Girl you are beautiful. I love your blog and your posts are so colourful and cheery they make my day instantly brighter!

  2. Diamond

    Thanks for this post, I recently found your blog and your honesty is so refreshing. I’m also curvy and you make me feel like I can try all the trends and still feel beautiful. Oh and I love your suit.

    1. Courtney Quinn Post author

      You can totally try trends!!! I was just having a convo on instagram about the dress I wore in my Popsicle post, if you look at the dress it looks awful cause she can’t fill it out – some stuff just looks better on people with a bit of body! <3 LMK if they are any trends you want tackled for curvy girls

  3. Mattie

    You would never be able to tell you have any insecurities! You’re rocking that suit and looking so confident! I really want to try high-waisted bottoms!

  4. Shira

    I soooo dislike the term beach body ready or bikini ready. You have a body? You’re at the beach? I’d say you’re beach ready! We come in all shapes and sizes and I love hearing about your journey to self/bodyacceptance. You’re such an inspiration for me because it’s something I struggle with a lot. XX

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