Come From Away

28th March 2017

As you know, I LOVE Broadway! So, today I wanted to talk about a recent show I saw…


Come From Away
Come From Away is a new musical that highlights events of 9/11 that weren’t really talked about. I first head about the show from my Broadway-obsessed bestie (@kristinroa) who had been coming across nothing but amazing reviews from the previews in Toronto. So, you can only imagine how excited I was when I was given the opportunity to go see the show during its preview week in NYC. 


Without giving too much away, the show follows the lives of a small town in Newfoundland and 7,000 stranded passengers. It’s a true story of compassion, friendship, love, trust, and gratitude.  I’m pretty positive it’s impossible to leave the theatre without a love and hope for humanity.


When thinking of Broadway, I often think bigger is better. I’m all into jazz hands and sparkles and love a giant dance numbers. While Come From Away is anything but flashy, its simplicity in storytelling and production is perfect for its subject matter. It leaves you feeling satisfied and wanting more because it’s just too good!


While there are many incredibly told character story lines, my favorite was that of Beverley Bass. Not only was Jenn Colella fantastic in this role, but this particular character’s story was so inspiring. After years of being told she didn’t belong and training just as hard as her male co-workers, Bass became the first female captain for American Airlines in 1986. Although she was just one of many pilots to land in Gander that fateful day, her story leaves you filled with so much pride as a woman and a desire to never give up on your passion.


Looks Inspired by the Show
Not only does the show leave you inspired to do more good in the world and to look at humanity in a brighter way, but it left us with some outfit ideas as well. We’ve created three looks that are perfect for attending the show or wearing in honor of its themes!

Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 12.33.09 AM

The first look is inspired by Beverley, of course. We’ve taken some cues from other female pilots such as Amelia Earhart and paired a bomber jacket with a white scarf. The skinny jeans and loafer mule add an extra touch of femininity.

The second represents the people of Newfoundland. This small province of Eastern Canada is all about fishing. We’ve taken some lessons from the sea with look by putting together a chic fisherman’s cap and a wide leg sailor pant.

Lastly, the third look is influenced by the heart of a New Yorker. With a simple t-shirt that speaks to how proud you are to be here and a bag that reminds you of our good ol’ Yellow Cab Taxis – this outfit is all about sticking to what you know and being comfortable in your own skin.

Click below to shop all of the looks!

LOOK ONE: Pilot Chic
Bomber Jacket • Espadrille Wedge • Tiny Satchel • Skinny Jeans • Scarf • Flannel

LOOK TWO: Newfoundland Local
Fisherman Cap • Sailor Pant • Knot Stud Earrings • Peacoat • Tissue turtleneck T-shirt

LOOK THREE: Classic New Yorker
Tinley Bag • NYC Graphic Tee • Embroidered Mom Jeans • Laurel • Leather Jacket

NOW! Go see the show and tell me what you think!