Cookies & Karaoke in Tokyo!

8th April 2016

FullSizeRender 8We found love in Tokyo…. and love came in the form on cookies and Karaoke, of course!FullSizeRender 9FullSizeRender 2

I quickly learned that Japan is where all my dessert dreams could come true! While wandering on our way to Harajuku, we came across the cutest Cookie cafe – Cookie Time!FullSizeRender 3IMG_8120

If cookies and milk weren’t enough to make you smile, there is always Karaoke! You heard me, THIS COOKIE BAR ALSO HAS KARAOKE! So of course we had to stop and sing along to Uptown Funk, #duh!FullSizeRender 4IMG_8123

What does one wear while eating your way through Japan? Why this striped dress of course! It’s so stretchy, comfy and has pockets so you can get your chubby bunny on without worrying!FullSizeRender 5FullSizeRender

Dress || Sneakers || More on Cookie TimeFullSizeRender 6

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