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17th October 2012

the countdown to the spookiest day of the year continues with more easy diy costume options! && today we take on a request, plus 3 disney princesses

everyone loves the little mermaid, but few take on this costume because they fear the fin or don’t know how to make it believable. i say, skip it entirely, costumes don’t have to always be so literal && everyone will get the idea with a flawy maxi or high low skirt! wear your skirt low, or high waisted for a little more coverage.
updated september 2013:
if you have skin as white as snow and lips and red as blood, then maybe disney’s very first princess is a costume for you.
Updated September 2013:
after my first costume craze post, i received a request for a diy belle costume (yay) take a peak.
my reader asked for the yellow belle dress with conservative touch (not off the shoulder and longer sleeve), but i also wanted to give everyone else a less covered option.
Updated September 2013:
another belle option is her blue dress, it’s a little easier to do, especially with the conservative request restraints and will be unique.
updated september 2013
so tell me tell me, what did you think of these diy halloween costumes? well if you didn’t find quite what you are looking for, don’t turn away yet!
that’s right, for this month I will be taking requests! so please leave me comments or send me messages with costume ideas you have && i would love to show you easy ways to make it happen! i look forward to hearing from you!
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  1. Oh to Be a Muse

    This is the cutest! I think I’m going to tweet it out! You did such an awesome job with these, especially Snow White. It makes me want to dress up as one of these Disney princesses this Halloween.

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