Cruisin’ – Bermuda Travel Diary

15th May 2016


ALL ABOARD! I’m so excited because today I’m giving you a little travel diary of my recent cruise to Bermuda. I’ll be giving you all the details of what went down on our trip, so grab your passports because we’re off on an escapade!

Lately I’ve totally caught the travel bug! From La to Japan and everywhere in-between I’ve been on ALOT of a fun trips this year and there are so many more just around the corner. To be honest, Japan will be really hard to top, but my recent Royal Caribbean Cruise to Bermuda with some SERIOUS blogger babes gave it a run for it’s money.


This time last week, I fresh of the boat from this 6 day, 5 night epic adventure! We departed from New Jersey which is PERFECT for New Yorkers, because its just a quick uber ride (or pubic transit trip) from the city. The boat took off around 3 so I had to fashionable late and roll up right before we docked #oops! I recommend getting to any port two or three ours before so you don’t cut it close like I did – I was a nervous wreck the whole time!


CRUISIN’ – After arrive on the boat I was AMAZED by the spacious size of my room & quickly made myself at home by unpacking before we set sail. Later, we cleaned ourselves up and skipped off to dinner. Dinner was one of my favorite parts of each of our days on the boat. I loved being able to just hang out with the other bloggers on the trip and stuff my face! Plus since your food is included in your package, you’re basically eating for free – I can’t lie there were multiple nights where I doubled up on appetizers and/or desserts because of this!

The first day on the boat was awesome! I get carsick after 5 minutes of riding so I thought I would be miserable, but it wasn’t bad at all and I totally got my sea legs! We spent the first half of the day exploring the boat and (TBH) taking photos because #bloglife. I was SO blown away by all of the vibrant colors, murals and cool places for photos we found on the boat – it was just up my alley! So many people ask me where I am able to find such bright backgrounds, so from now on I might just suggest you get on a boat to shoot some seriously epic #ootd shots – okay, I’m kidding … well kind of!

After shooting, we found endless activities to entertain us during our day at sea. The Anthem of the Seas boat had everything from Roller Skating to Dance Classes, even including other fun things like bumper cars, indoor skydiving an outdoor race track, basketball and more… oh and don’t even get me started on the three pools and countless hot tubs!


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– The next morning we arrived in Bermuda and hopped off the boat to start exploring! We arrived in Kings Warf and took a $7 bus ride to Jacob’s cove – it was a little bit further than where the rest of the cruisers landed but still only a 30 min ride from the boat, and it totally paid off. Instead of being covered in cruisers and totally overflowing with people, it was practically deserted! We found one part of the cove to call our own and were pretty much the only people there for most of the day, it was amazing!


I was totally blown away by the color of the water (aqua) and the hue of the sand (PINK!) at Jacob’s cove! A local told us that tiny bits of coral make up the pink sand feature and it may have been one of the most remarkable things I’ve ever seen – YOU HAVE TO GO! We ended the day with dinner in Kings Warf before drifting off to sleep, sun burned yet satisfied at all the adventure we encountered

The second day in Bermuda we ventured to a different part of the Island – the city of Hamilton. You can either take a car (45 min) or a boat (35 min) to Hamilton from Kings Warf and I would highly recommend the boat ride because it’s gorgeous and quicker!


In Hamilton you’ll find lots of small shops, bars, restaurants and colorful buildings to enjoy! We did a whole lot of nothing, just wandered around and took it all in before heading back to the boat.

Few more tips for life on the Island:
Bring Cash – places that take credit can be hard to find
Keep it comfy – expect to wander and walk a bit, sometimes through sand so keep that in mind with your outfit planning
(And if you’re a blogger)  Bring a few extra #ootds – The island is covered with #instagramable locations so you’re gonna want to get your shot on in this picturesque place!


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BACK ON THE BOAT – Our next and last full day of the trip was spent on the boat riding back to New York (well technically New Jersey). We hit a bit of rough water and stormy weather, but there was so much to do on the boat (including indoor pools, karaoke and a silent dance party where you’re jamming in a club with strangers while all wearing headphones) the weather didn’t get us down! We danced our way back to the docks before getting off the boat and saying our tearful goodbyes the next morning!

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