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20th April 2017

FullSizeRender 4Who needs the perfect boyfriend, when you can wear the perfect pair of boyfriend jeans 😉FullSizeRender 3

Boyfriend jeans are one of my favorite styles to wear, but they’re few and far between for curvy girls like me. A little over a year ago, I did a denim shoot for People StyleWatch Magazine where they paired each girl with a “denim issue” and helped us solve it. Mine was the inability to fit my peach into a pair of boyfriend jeans, that aren’t too big on my waist. We tried on (no lie) 92 pairs and one of the editors even said “it’s so funny, when you put on boyfriend jeans they become skinny jeans” lol I don’t think this was intended to be mean but in her defense she wasn’t wrong, that in a nutshell is one of my many boyfriend jean problems.FullSizeRender 6

The 93rd pair fit the bill, it was a high waisted light wash destructed jean from Abercrombie of all places, last seen here. Ever since, I’ve gotten a lot better about being able to find boyfriend jeans that work for my body, so I’m sharing some for you here:

FullSizeRender 5Here’s the key to finding the perfect pair of boyfriend jeans:

1 – get waisted … high waisted! If you’re little in the middle but you got much back, a high waisted pair is perfect for you. These tend to be slimmer around the waist but give you enough room for your tush.

2 – Mommy knows best – You can also shop for mom jeans, they won’t be as “mommy” on you as our bestie with a thigh gap, but they’ll be high waisted and roomy down below, once you pull them on, they might magically turn into the perfect fitting boyfriend pair.

3 – #loyalAF – Find a brand that works for you, and keep coming back. For me, it’s J.crew & madewell – which is pretty surprising because I never would have thought they would be curvy girl friendly. Remember, your loyalty doesn’t mean you can’t shop around, I always like trying out new brands I’ve never worn before because you might find the next big thing.

4 – Nip & Tuck – alter your clothes, not your body!!! alterations are key to achieving the perfect fit on all fronts, especially jeans! I find myself altering almost every pair I get or using a belt as a quick fix (like in this photo). Since most outfits of mine include a front tuck, this helps show off the belt anyways all while defining my waist and showing off my shape.

5 – Stretchy Pants, Please – When in doubt, a flexible, stretchy fabric will save you. It will help you struggle into your jeans and keep you comfortable, no matter how many donuts you eat (for the record, during this shoot I was on my second)

In this post, I’m wearing my favorite pair of boyfriend jeans at the moment. I’ll be honest, they’re not stretchy or super comfortable, but HEY they look cute. I don’t weight myself, but if I had to guess I’m about 5-7 pounds heavier than my normal weight right now (guys, don’t judge me, Im in a chocolate chip cookie phase lol) and I’m carrying it all in my thighs – so this pair is a little tight around that area. If you follow me on insta stories and saw paris tying my shoes a few weekends ago, you now know why, it’s because my jeans were too tight to do it myself ha! I included some photos of me sitting and moving my legs a bit so you can see how they only stretch a tad, and squeeze on my thighs. These photos were the first time I’ve worn these jeans, and they’ve broken in a bit since then. FullSizeRender 2

Despite some of the squeeze issues, I still love this pair. It’s actually the only light wash denim pair that I wear, and I can’t get enough.FullSizeRender 7

Shop the look (click the images or links below)

Shop the look from the links below
For anything is priced over $100, I linked a look for less option for you!

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As you guys know, I started a new thing where I’ll be sharing a relevant blog post & promoting another blogger at the end of each of my posts because #girlssupportgirls! For today, I thought I would toss it to fellow curvy gal Sarah of Sassy Red Lipstick! See how she rocks curvy denim and coincidentally the same sweater, here!

7 thoughts on “Curvy Girl Boyfriend Jeans

  1. Jordyn

    Thank you so much for this post! I’ve been following you for awhile on Instagram and your style is GOALS! I have been having the hardest time finding boyfriend jeans or mom jeans that fit because I am curvy! These tips will definitely help.

  2. Michelle

    When I was growing up they didn’t make jeans for girls with curves so I just didn’t wear them. Nothing had stretch and they were all cut straight. It’s so great that there are finally options out there! How crazy that you had to try on over 90 pairs for that shoot. Honestly, that sounds about right LOL

  3. Ellie O

    I love your honesty and body positivity Courtney! Funnily enough, I have the opposite problem – I carry my extra pounds (about 20 of them) around my middle, so finding jeans which are large enough on the waist without hanging off my less-than-ample derriere is a challenge! Wouldn’t it be dull though if we were all the same ☺

    Ellie x

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