Desk Set!

23rd September 2015

IMG_5807 So new york is SO TOTALLY AWESOME but there are some definite perks of living in the city and also some serious challenges – one of them being furniture shopping!IMG_5895IMG_5793

When I started putting my apartment together it was kind of crazy difficult, all of my favorite Arizona stores were no where to be found, all of the stuff I found online wasn’t available in NYC stores and if for some odd reason I could find it at a store, getting it home was a whole other obstacle! Oh and if it came in like 15 thousand pieces? uh FORGET IT! Also I really wanted affordable furniture but also crazy cute, because let’s be honest I’ll probably end up tossing it out on the street in a few years when I move on to wherever I go next, whether it be another neighborhood or a different city, state, country, you name it!IMG_5613IMG_5837Anyways, if you live in New York or a similar city I am sure you can relate, I never thought I would miss Ikea so much (we have one, just getting there is a whole other story, and they’ll probably send you home without a piece so you’ll have to haul everything back two or three times – it’s really fun)… until my favorite AZ furniture store came to NYC and totally ROCKED MY WORLD! So without further adieu I’m so pumped to announce that WORLD MARKET HAS COME TO NYC.IMG_5737IMG_5823

If you don’t know what World Market is, serious shame on you – JK (well kind of). It’s the most amazing hodge lodge of every furniture thing you could ever need, from couches to chairs to dinning tables and more, plus they have amazingly adorable accessories and lots of charming pieces that make a place instantly feel like home – basically it’s amazing! So when they opened a crazy cool concept store in NYC where you can not only see and sample the furniture but also order things directly to your door I was totally stoked!IMG_5674IMG_5873

Cute furniture break, shop a few of my favorite pieces from World Market by clicking on the images below….

I picked up my desk from World Market after eyeing it for like 47 weeks, it’s totally my BFF and not just because I spend most nights chained to it creating killer content for you guys! BUT because it’s dual parts cute & functional and fits just right in my space! I love that the new Chelsea concept store in NYC would have let me see and try the desk in real life before committing to purchase – it’s a total game changer!IMG_5756

PS you can shop My Desk Area by clicking the photos below:

This partnership was created in partnership with my friends at World Market all opinions are all my own! Thanks for supporting brands that support this brand!!

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