Dress, Dress, Dress

23rd January 2016

IMG_6302Let’s talk dresses & dressing for any occasion!

Dresses are one of the flirtiest things a woman can own, and their also crazy functional two. If you find the perfect dress, you can take it from desk to drinks, work to weekend, and even work out to going out in a snap by making a few easy adjustments. Everyone needs a dress (or two, or three) like in their wardrobe that is more than meets the eye and can be worn in so many ways.IMG_6413

It’s no surprise that all my favorite dresses are from Boden – I mean they kind of always fit the bill! Bright colors? Check, bold patterns? check, classic, crazy fun and high quality? check check check! It’s been my go-to stop for affordable dresses for any occasion – the office, brunch with my girlfriends or a weekend exploring the West Village (New York City) and today I’ll show you how I can dress to impress for any occasion in these surprisingly affordable dress styles (all under $100!)

To the OfficeIMG_6400 IMG_6416
Working in New York is unlike working in any other city – you have your corporate fashion girls usually dressed in oversized black with a side of black, your corporate corporate girls who work in sales or something else really impressive that rise early in blazers and high heels and your PR girls who (if they work somewhere cool) have a more casual chic vibe going on with denim flares and maybe hipster glasses – my point? It’s really easy to get into a routine, and stay in one. But dressing for the office doesn’t have to be a drag, on the contrary I think it’s something to be celebrated, liberated even! IMG_6389You spend more time at the office then you will anywhere else – so why not bring a cool, quirky or colorful element to your corporate style! A color blocked dress and bold blue tights can do just that – playing on black and blue keeps in chic but also unexpected, while tassel heels add something playful and the conservative silhouette keeps things office appropriate !IMG_6442

To BrunchIMG_6322IMG_6354
In New York, everyone does brunch – it’s like kind of a big deal, and hey, there’s lots of food (and avocado toast) involved so I’m always in! Keep in mind – brunch can easily turn to an afternoon of sight seeing, some serious shopping or even a bubbly induced saunter down your favorite street. Bottom line is, you have to be prepared, and a patterned shift dress does the trick! It’s loose nature gives you some room to “grow” after you’ve ate your way though a much needed catch-up session with the Charlotte to your Carrie – “I haven’t seen you in like two whole weeks!! Tell, Me, EVERYTHING!”. IMG_6303 Plus the printed nature of the frock is light, fun and makes us think ’Spring even when bracing freezing temps. Since New York has yet to thaw out, red tights, a little beret hat and a cozy grey coat will keep you snug as a bug while you and your girlfriend(s) cut a rug! And speaking of dancing, a comfortable, low heel will help for whatever shenanigans you get into post pancakes!IMG_6338

(Cheers) To the Freaking Weekend!IMG_6493 IMG_6485
I spend most weekend mornings wandering my New York City Neighborhood with or without my French Bulldog Waffles and just taking it all in (and by all in I mean coffee, and croissants and bagels and cream cheese … of course). When things warm up a bit, I dare to go bare – Bare legs, and a T-shirt dress for a cute and comfy weekend style! Layering a shearling lined hoodie, under a bright jacket is an easy way to stay warm up top, and adding sneakers keeps things casual but also cute for your morning weekend walk! IMG_6459Ladies – say no to sweat pants and opt for T-shirt dress – even if you’re hiding under a baseball hat and oversized sunnies because who know’s you might even run into that hansom neighbor on his Saturday morning coffee run to the corner bodega at 9:45ish … that you haven’t been semi-stalking what so ever!IMG_6457




Want more? of course you do! Pop by the Boden Blog for more of this story!

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  1. Sydney

    Growing up I never used to like wearing dresses, but now I realize how necessary they are in a girl’s wardrobe!
    xo, Syd

  2. Mina

    I love your dresses!! They’re fabulous!! I always loved dresses they’re very fab and comfy!! U can dress it up or down!! U look amazing as usual

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