9th December 2016

fullsizerender-9Winter is weird. There are a lot of crazy things that happen this season that our bodies aren’t used to.fullsizerender

We get sick more than ever, we want to eat more food then ever before (you know, pack on the pounds to keep you warm, right?) and we’re cold … like all the time #burr. So today I’m sharing three ways to combat these winter woes with Bobble Insulate™.fullsizerender-3

It’s not weird to fight these feelings in winter, and one small (and stylish) way to do so is to keep yourself nourished and warm with the Bobble Insulate™. These are high-grade stainless steel insulated bottles that come in crazy cute colors to keep your bevy hot for up to 12 hours, or cold for up to 24. Bobble water bottles are dishwasher safe, BPA-free, sweat proof, leak proof – you name it!
fullsizerender-2untitled-6   Contagious – Being sick is no fun, it’s gross. You feel awful, you’re both hot and cold, and it’s just not easy to function. The worst part is when you get that first “sick” feeling and you KNOW it’s coming but have no way to fight it…. until now. There are a few easy combos you can use in your Bobble Bottle to fight off the impending doom. Ginger, Pineapple Juice, Lemon, Honey and hot water all have great nutritional and vitamin infused benefits that can help you kick the cold before you even get it. Pairing hot water with ginger, honey and lemon or (my favorite) warm pineapple juice with a little honey and mixing it into your morning routine can help you get back on your feet before the sickness ever gets you down.

Warm and Fuzzy – On a cold day (aka all winter) ALL I want to do is eat something warm. I literally live off soup and chicken pot pies this season and I’m not mad about it! When you’re freezing all day, you just want to feel warm and fuzzy when you eat your meal. With a Bobble Bottle, taking your favorite soup or chili recipe for lunch is a no brainer. Heat it up and drop it in the Bobble bottle before you leave the house, to carry it with you all day and have a hot lunch on the go. I’m often running around tackling meetings all day, so before Bobble my only option was to eat out – BUT when you BYOB (bring your own Bobble) you can have a hot meal despite your ongoing itinerary. I’ve even brought mine to the airport, bought soup on the other side of security, plopped it into my bobble and enjoyed it half way through my flight!

Keep It Cozy – When it’s cold outside a warm drink changes everything. Coffee, Matcha, Tea, Hot Coco … I’ve even spent days sipping on hot water instead of cold water because I just wanted to stay warm and hydrated. When you’re walking around New York City in the cold, you have about 8 minutes before your drink is cold, and then that kind of defeats the point. BB (Before Bobble) I can’t tell you how many coffees I would buy only to through them out before I even finish drinking them, since they’re cold and yucky. With Bobble you can make your hot bevy at home OR buy one and transfer it into your Bobble Bottle to make your hot drink last for twelve hours! My go to drink this season is a peppermint hot coco (that you can either buy or make at home) to keep me feeling warm and festive all day long!


Problem, Solved.
Press Play to see how we solve all of your winter woes with Bobble Bottles.

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I like gifts with purpose, that people will actually use all year around… like Bobble Bottles! I’ve given Bobble bottles before because everyone I know how has one, LOVES them and can’t really imagine life without one again, crazy right!? fullsizerender-6

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