Aug 27 2016

Enjoy the Ride // Learning To Ride Vol 3

IMG_2270One last ride!IMG_2269As you guys know, this summer I took on the challenge of learning to ride a bike as an adult and I’ve been sharing the story with you here.IMG_2268IMG_2261I never learned how to ride as a kid so I thought, hey why not give this a whirl. After a few fun weekends of trying (and failing) I now consider myself an official (okay, amateur) rider.IMG_2259IMG_2260

For me, the hardest parts were learning to pedal and just getting used to the body positions you have to make to ride – you might not think about it if you’re a seasoned rider but as someone new, it’s hard to get used to.IMG_2257IMG_2256

I’m so thankful for modcloth and they’re must have dress styles that keep me stylish though my many falls this summer – I knew that every time I got ready to ride, I at least looked good style wise, even if I made a total fool out of myself on the bike. For today’s look, and the final part of my learning to ride series, I pulled out this darling bike dress. It has pockets, a cute collar and a fun cut out to create the illusion to a crop top/coord set and is the perfect dress for a bike ride around town !IMG_2264IMG_2267

I paired my dress with the cutest brown oxfords, also from modcloth. I’ve been mostly riding in flexible sneakers, so trying to do so in oxfords was tough but doable, I love these shoes but I wouldn’t recommend riding with them day one tho! On my dress, you’ll find a turquoise bike and a red one to match two of my three actual bikes from Public Bikes ! This red C71 from Pubic Bikes has actually become my favorite to ride on. It’s just a touch more challenging then my other two bikes (see them here & here) but I think that’s why I like it. Once I get going it’s better for long distances and really fun to practice on.IMG_2271IMG_2263

This bike also looks cute with both my striped helmet and my red polka dot Minnie Mouse one ! Today I played with color by pairing my red one with a red lip and my cute red bag from modcloth.IMG_2266

Now, I know what you’re thinking – you want to see me ride, right? Well you’re in luck! Press play & lets ride !

Thanks to public bikes and modcloth for partnering on this post! Thanks for supporting brands that support this blog.IMG_2262


Bike Dress from Modcloth
Oxfords from Modcloth
Novelty Bags from Modcloth
C71 from Pubic Bikes

Thanks to Modcloth & Public Bikes for partnering on this post!

See the rest of my ride journey here:
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  1. Stephanie says:

    Such a cute post. Love the dress

  2. GreyDynasty says:

    That was super cute to read see and watch 🙂 good for you!

  3. Helen says:

    You look like a pro on that bike! 🙂

    XO Helen |

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