Fall Beauty X2

15th November 2015

Let’s Talk Beauty!IMG_8812

Today, I’m sharing two pretty little Fall makeup & hair looks that work for Autumn on into Winter with two cool beauty brands – Trésemme Haircare and Essence Cosmetics. As you guys know, I’m not a big beauty person – I don’t do much to my hair and rarely wear makeup aside from lipstick, but I wanted to share two “Courtney friendly” beauty looks for the girl who doesn’t want to cake it on (#guilty).

IMG_8598 IMG_8625 IMG_8640

First up – Sixties style!
This first look is a little bit sixties with a holiday-esque twist! Bold brows can really make a difference, some days I’ll wear nothing but brows and lipstick – because that’s kind of all I need, but today I added to that by pairing bold brows from my brow palette with statement lashes, and a rosey lip!

IMG_8655 IMG_8658 IMG_8668 IMG_8675 IMG_8677 IMG_8693 IMG_8701 IMG_8706

Since the holidays are right around the corner, I thought it might be fun to dress myself up as a present! When my hair is flat and dirty, I like to start with dry shampoo and keratin shine balm to give it a little refresh! I use a black ribbon as a headband to give it that sixties vibe with a holiday twist and help cover some of the dirty hair happenings going on near my part and scalp. Then I flip out my ends with a flat iron, but not before I protect my ends with a heat protectant!
IMG_8721 IMG_8729 IMG_8751 IMG_8797 IMG_8807 IMG_8813

IMG_8848 IMG_8874 IMG_8894 IMG_8908

Next – Fun Bun & Nude Eyes!
I’m not much of an eye-make up gal, eye shadow is not my friend! SO when I do anything on my lid, it’s nearly nude! I used this Nude Palette, to create a subtle nude smokey eye situation and my new go-to brow kit to make an extra bold eye. I also added some bronzer for a a little bit of a glow and used lip liner and a purple-nude lipstick to match my dress! IMG_8941 IMG_8943 IMG_8955 IMG_8966 IMG_8977 IMG_8981 IMG_8986 IMG_8991 IMG_9003 IMG_9005 IMG_9034 IMG_9051 IMG_9060

Top Knot + Blanket scarf are my goto looks for Fall and all the way through Winter! When things get cold, I get lazy (lol) so two day, three day and four day hair becomes the norm – oops! If you’re fighting off dirty locks, try a little dry shampoo before pulling your hair into an on top of your hair pony to start off your knot. Then I wrap my pony right around and tuck it into a ballerina bun before pulling out the pieces and pinning a few into place! After it’s all set, I make everything stick with a brushable hold hairspray.IMG_9130 IMG_9132 IMG_9136

Well thats it! I hope you enjoyed my to easy breezy beauty looks! Both of these creations took ten minutes or less to create because that’s how I roll 😉 plus all the products that were used are priced at $15 or less each (most of them much less than that) making this not only a really quick but also a very affordable look to try! SO if you want to give them a whirl, I’m linking to everything below:Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 1.58.01 AM
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  1. Katrina Hooten

    My skin tone is close to yours and I felt the same way about eye shadow too, until I tried Lorac’s pallets, and MAC’s Paint Pot in Painterly. Painterly seems to make it possible for most eye colors show up on me,

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