Fifty Shades of Play!

3rd October 2015

Ribbet collagePucker up pretties, I’m about to Kiss & Tell!!IMG_1313IMG_1327

There’s one thing that I use to complete every single outfit. One tiny little pretty product that can totally make or break a look. The ultimate accessory that every woman should own at least a few shades of that can be a complete style game changers, that says “hello, I’m here and I’m Fabulous!” that can completely rock your wardrobe’s world … what is this magical necessity I’m so beyond obsessed with? Why Lipstick of course! Darling, Lipstick changes everything!!!IMG_1320

Ladies, listen up! The red lip is a classic, a must have a kind of a no-brainer. I for one am all about a ruby red lip, but so is everyone else! Iconic beauties like Mrs. Monroe made it just that – iconic and nowadays there’s a hue for every shade a kind of lady, but today we’re stepping outside of that little red box! Today I’m teaming up with Buxom to break down four must have hues from their Bold Gel Lipstick collection available at Sephora! The collection features thirty satin and matte shades, that I’m actually guilty of owning all of but these lipsticks four favs that I’m sharing today are at the top of my must have list! They’re trendy, but also timeless, and can totally be the star of the show or just enhance your look. So buckle your seatbelt lipstick lovers and consider this your crash course in pretty pouts!


Who doesn’t love a nude lip? And this Matte Sinful Cinnamon from Buxom is the PERFECT nudey-hue ! It’s just the right amount of sexy without over-doing it. This lip has always been around, but has made a recent comeback (thanks Kylie) and I’m not mad about it. TBH this year was the FIRST time I actually dabbled in stripping down in the lip department, I was always afraid that they wouldn’t be bold enough for me, and most aren’t but Sinful Cinnamon, like all of the shades in the Bold Gel lipstick collection, is crazy pigmented and I’m actually really glad I gave the trend a whirl! Oh and this Sinful Cinnamon is for sure new go-to nudey nude!  00000 0

Wearing Buxom Sinful Cinnamon Matte Lipstick


Pink lipstick is a pretty lady fav, it can help take a super girly outfit to the next level or just add an unexpected element to a basic jeans & tee look! I fell in love with this bubble gum pinky color called “Defiant Bloom” which is probably the most perfect name for this shade because it’s pretty with a punch! I am usually a matte lipstick girl (ps this collection consists of satin and matte color) not only does it prevent the whole “hair getting stuck to your gloss issue” that I really hate, but I think it looks better, and tends to last all day, just my personal opinion… BUT I also loved Buxom’s Rose Julep gloss so I layered it over Defiant Bloom for a little sheen and maximum impact!N G

Wearing Defiant Bloom Matte Lipstick layered under with Rose Julep Gloss on the Top


Like I said, you can’t really beat a red lip… well, unless you make it red-orange! If you’re a true believer in the ruby kisser, you HAVE TO give red orange a whirl! A Tomato-esque lip is my go to for Most or Spring, all of summer and even throughout Fall! It’s a more playful and fashion forward version of the classic we all love and totally helps bring the drama! Red-Orange is by far the most worn color in my lipstick wardrobe, and this Wild Fire shade totally checks all of my tomato filled boxes as the perfect hue for your Red-Orange fix.A C

Wearing Wild Fire Matte Lipstick


Literally the second the temperature drops, I turn into a vampire. Okay, not really, but how AWESOME would it be to sparkle in the sunlight? ugh #goals. Although I’m not on that un-dead level yet I do get all vampy in the lip department with plum, or oxblood lipsticks all Fall long. They look great with all of the Fall fashion colors you’ll be dripping in all season long plus they look awesome on all skin tones (seriously, even pale peeps!). Here I’m wearing my new obsession, Voodoo Spice! While most vampy hues either lean towards the red tones with a true oxblood/burgandy color or swing towards the purple play with a berry tone this one straddles the spectrum, so you get both a pretty purply plum with red undertones and I’m OBSESSED!I T

Wearing Voodoo Spice Matte Lipstick

Overall if you’re not on the lipstick train, you need to hop to it and get your caboose on board! Not only can it transform an outfit and take a look to the next level but it can transform you too! Today I went from Sassy Courtney (Sinful Cinnamon) to girly-girl Courtney (Defiant Bloom) to Playful Courtney (Wild Fire) to Vampire Courtney who is immortal and glitters in the sunlight (Vamp It up) – what a girl can dream right!? GIVE ONE OF THESE SHADES A TRY and let out your inner rockstar, or vampire it might just change everything!1111

Lipstick Creds:
Sinful Cinnamon || Defiant Bloom (+ Rose Julep Gloss) || Wild Fire || Voodoo Spice
P.S. The Buxom Gel Collection is available at Sephora!

Other Creds:
Foundation in Almond || Mascara || Eyes || Bronzer in Tahiti || Blush in Intoxicated
Happy Bracelet || Lipstick Bracelet || Lipstick in Gold

THANKS to Buxom for partnering on this post!

21 thoughts on “Fifty Shades of Play!

  1. Brooke of Passport Couture

    Although I admire the nude, natural look, I also love the bright reds and dark raspberry colors you’ve picked! It’s always fun to find colors like those that really amp your look and put it in a completely different direction.

  2. Aseya

    I love Vamp It Up against the white blouse! dark lips and white is definitely a combo I haven’t thought of yet! Please tell us where that blouse is from!

  3. Ellie Chan

    Love this post! Those shades all look fab on you. One of the things I really enjoy about your blog is how much fun you look like your having and how smiley you are! I never used to wear lipstick and over the past year I’ve bought about 30 of them, I can’t go out without about 3 in my purse!!! :)

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