1st August 2015

IMG_3627THINK PINK! Today we’re talking about the flamingo trend and embracing imperfections while sharing two flamingo inspired looks – woo!IMG_3407IMG_3503

“Be a flamingo in a flock of pigeons” I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – perfect bodies are capital B, Boring! There is nothing more lame than blending in, being the status quo, being “perfect” or being like everyone else. This is because one – no one is any of those things unless they choose to be and two why would you want to be like everyone else when you can be the awesome weirdo that you are!!!??IMG_3426IMG_3651_2

I think it’s so cool that flamingos are so totally trendy right now because they are pink, bold, bright and kind of bad a$$. While most birds fly in the sky or go south for the winter, flamingos are in serious summer mode all year long and spend their days standing, on one leg like cool-pepdobismo-colored weirdos… and that’s awesome. Not only are they pretty and pink, but I think they represent being unique and standing out – which is oh so fun to do!IMG_3369IMG_3448

Today I’m wearing stripes (like always) with crazy cute flamingo shoes for a bright, colorful and patterned look that totally turns heads. For the second look, I stepping into a hot pink pencil skirt and off the shoulder crop top. I don’t have the perfect body for a pencil skirt like this (hello pooch) but I kind of don’t care – i don’t want to be shaped like a pencil anyways! When you show you have the confidence to step into a skirt like this anyways, despite your flaws and rock neon pink, those flaws get easily over shadowed, most people just notice the fact that you’re wearing an awesome pink skirt and don’t even see that you tummy isn’t as flat as it could be. I promise, no one else notices those things that we are so critical about towards ourselves. So forget the pooch and rock the skirt, you know a Flamingo totally would! Both outfits were sealed with bright turquoise earrings, yellow nail polish and a serious pink lip to push the looks a little bit over the edge and really brighten things up!IMG_3355
Pink Pencil Skirt || White Lace Off the Shoulder Crop Top (or here) || Leopard Clutch
Strappy Sandals (my fav!! also here) || Turquoise Tassel Earrings (also here) || Phone Case


Turquoise Tassel Earrings (also here) || Black & White Dress (comes in plus & maternity)
Flamingo Shoes (also here) || Pink Bag (similar here, flamingo version here & here)

Rocking the flamingo trend, doesn’t have to be about wearing pink or mango-prints (although that’s totally cool too) it can just be about embodying their “I’m awesome and I don’t care what you think” attitude and embracing your quirks, they’re probably one of the best parts about you! Get the Look with these Mingo-Pretties:


18 thoughts on “Flamingo

  1. Anonymous

    Love this article! I love what you said “why would you want to be like everyone else when you can be the awesome weirdo that you are!” You have an amazing style. You’re rocking the hot pink pencil skirt and off the shoulder crop top!


  2. Nicole

    loving all of your looks and these bad A&7 flamingos, super cute. You are totally right blending in with the status quo is boring, I always tell myself and my husband too to embrace what you have and just flaunt it. Confidence exudes from within and people will see no matter what size, shape, etc. Thank you so much I love all your posts about how we should embrace our bodies super motivating.
    xoxo Nicole – @astyledloveaffair

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