Float On

27th March 2015

IMG_1287Just like salt needs pepper (or peppa), Lucy needs Ethel and every Blair needs a Serena… I’m needy too – mine’s just less scandalous, has better taste in men (like not dating her step brothers & stuff…yuck) has way prettier hair (brunettes do it better 😉 … even though I’m totally obsessed with blonde hair but that’s not the point) and is named Whitney… oh and she’s pretty freaking awesome too.
IMG_1940IMG_1624                  Today’s blog post is more bestie-ness, everyone has that special person who gets them through everything (and I’m actually lucky enough to have a few #winning) but miss Whit has been my bestie since we were like eight? I don’t know, for a long time so let’s just say birth.IMG_1401IMG_1687IMG_1619This week was kind of rough for me, I don’t know juggling work and events and blogging and oh yeah, actually having a real life can be kind of overwhelming sometime and watching my inbox pile up with email that I can’t get to because I have to sleep more than four hours that night doesn’t help, but do you know what does? Having a happy place – or person. Whit is totally my person, but she lives in Utah (sad face) so little things like face timing with her, talking to Waffles and pretending its her(I don’t do that… yes I do), watching/crying to  or sending her silly snap chats (add me xocourtneyquinn) totally get me through the droughts.IMG_1730IMG_1683Aside from bestie time, another thing that totally cheers me up and keeps me going is you guys, I am so honored to have the best blog followers that leave the most amazing comments (really you guys rock so hard) and your comments can cheer me up even when I’m kind of cranky and haven’t slept in like every.IMG_1886thanks!IMG_1845Time out – I totally want to apologize, because this post has turned out to be really rambley… oops. But I am looking for new ways to get to know more of you (hence why I have started to ask you so many questions on instagram and try to respond to ever personal snap chat you guys send) so I also wanted to share a few fun fact today, because it’s friday and that’s what friday’s are for yo (?) anyways, in return for me spilling my guts and sharing some awesome/embarrassing facts, I hope you’ll share a little about yourself in the comments below so we can work towards being blogger besties… it’s happening whether you like it or not 😉IMG_1744I’m naturally really muscular and I used to be really self-conciousabout it cause I felt like I had a man body, but I just kind of got over it – I think a lot of it came from growing up, being donut obsessed and just experience. I worked out like crazy for a while and my body changed but my attitude didn’t so what was the point? Now I just enjoy my macho bod and eat just about everything… oops (did someone say nachos?)IMG_1354I also have a bubble but that doesn’t usually make its way to the blog, even when I was crazy skinny It’s always been there – following me around like some kind of creepy shadow that prevents me from wearing 90% of the jeans I want, awesome, thanks!IMG_1956My Caboose is the main reason I dont wear pants much – usually just skirts & dresses. But if I do, they have to be high waisted otherwise they never quite fit rightIMG_1284We blew these floaties up our selves, we thought it would take 20 min but it look like an hour and we were so out of breath – but it was hilarious, i wish we saved the snap chats hahIMG_1737Whit and I grew up dancing about 30 hours a week starting at age 8 until high school. She was always way better than me and is an amazing ballerina, I’m just kind of a spaz but always made really interesting facial expressions haha so I’ll take that as a win. Some of the girls we used to dance with or against have gone on to have a major careers, one danced with Lady Gaga and is now her personal trainer, countless people made it on So You Think You Can Dance and one won and another made it on Glee as a dancer, who was so popular with fans she became a written role – the blonde cheerio, Brittany!IMG_1718 - Version 2Okay, I promise I’m not as creepy and obsessed with my bestie as I sound right now (okay, yes I am) I’ve just been kind of home sick/friend sick/fam sick lately and I think it is kind of starting to get to me. I am one lucky girl through cause another one of my bestie’s Sheree is a super awesome aspiring actress who lives right in NYC (score) and we’re spending the weekend together #soromantic, plus Whit along with the rest of my crazy amazing girl group are coming to the city next month so we can party on! We’re now starting to make sure we plan one girl trip every year so we can all get together because  besties are the best and my life would be real lame and less hilarious without them.IMG_1706


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IMG_1800If this made you think of your person, please call them and tell them how crazy awesome they are, share this post on their Facebook wall (who does that anymore), send them a really ugly snap chat, plan a girls weekend or better yet just show up at their house with a cake (or two) whatever you do this weekend I hope a bestie bonding sesh is in the cards

15 thoughts on “Float On

  1. Claire@TallGirlBigWorld

    First, your swim suit is adorable! Second, I’m so glad you got to spend some quality time with your BFF. I’ve been traveling a lot recently, and it’s always nice to have some recharge time with someone you love 🙂 Thanks for sharing Courtney!

  2. Jackie

    This post was really, really cute!! <3

    I feel you on the struggles of keeping up with work, blogging, a social life and time to just…relax (sort of). It's hard to keep on top of everything. Seriously, the struggle is REAL.

    Something About That

  3. Kaylie O'Connor

    I just realized how long it has been since I’ve talked to my bestie, thanks for the reminder! Thanks for your transparency and honesty. I love your blog, keep up the good work!

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