10th July 2013

these scorching summer days call for simple white, short shorts && a frizzy pony
the humidity has been awful, so i’m now just embracing my natural frizz and trying to make it work! i sleep with my hair in bun(s): one for loose waves, two for tighter locks and four for the curls; and scrunch the rest in the morning!

i’m also loosing some of my signature layers and switching to a simpler summer style, it’s just too hot for anything else!
top: necessary clothing (my new fav) // shorts: j.crew (love these sale ones) // bag: kate spade (loving this lucite clutch) // necklace: marc by marc jacobs (similar) // shoes: breckelles // sunnies: miu miu // bra: urban outfitters // arm party: vintage // j.crew // kate spade // rings: wire wrap // wire wrap (obsessing over this & necklace) // kate spade
 photo cmc_zps9fc2c7b8.png

 photo Untitled137_zpsff8c8db1.png

9 thoughts on “frizz

    1. Courtney

      thanks adele! i’m a bit of a jewelry hoarder :/ but i love it! heading over to check your blog out now, if i like what I see i will definitely follow <3

  1. Tsahai

    Love it! Just started following you, love your lipstick as well. Do you mind sharing the brand and name of this one, thanks. šŸ™‚

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