Fruit by the Fashion

18th July 2014

It’s no secret that I am a big fan of the fruity fashion trend (I wear my lemon keds almost everyday) so it was only a matter of time before I doubled, no tripled up on the trend! Oh, and I hope you don’t mind but I am going to toot my own horn for a second here (toot toot) because I boarded the fruity trend train last year (remember my season search for the perfect lemon dress?), first with a lemon obsession resulting in a dress, shoes and shorts but it happened once again when I stumbled into J.crew only to find the cutest orange dress in CrewCuts… yes, that’s Jcrew Kids — don’t judge me.

I wore this dress to work a few weeks ago (and again this week … oops) and someone asked me where my dress was from. When I replied crew cuts, they asked “what’s that” – I somehow fought the temptation to say “it’s a hip, new line out of Europe” and confessed to my child-wearing ways despite the judgy looks to follow. But hey, I’m happy I can wear crewcuts – how else would I have landed this Orangy dress or one of my favorite red skirts?! If you too are a shorty like me (I’m about five one) and have freakishly short legs & and disproportionate body you too can shop where the kiddies do … I’m not sure if that’s something to celebrate or not but I will!
 One fruity fashion statement is never enough, so I double up with my lemon printed kate spade keds & my pointless banana phone case. I say pointless because it is just that, the worlds most useless iPhone case! Not only does it prevent you from charging your phone or inserting ear buds (no plugs for either of this) but you can’t even really hear on it! I end up taking the case off to charge, listen to music and talk on the phone…But Hey, It’s a banana phone, so I guess it’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make!? But keep in mind it’s fun for decor, texting or gramming, but otherwise, not very functional!

Okay one more fun story about this toddler outfit of mine — I was wearing the dress in the middle of Spring, walking home from work when I walked by little girl, maybe age 5 wearing the same dress! The best part was she gave me the dirtiest of looks, she was obviously really offended that I stop her look — sorry little fashionista in training, I just couldn’t resist! #shortgirlproblems
Before you go here’s some fruit-inspired fashion that won’t have you twinning with toddlers…

In the world of fruit fashion, Pineapple prints are having the most major moment (I’m kind of obsessed with this pineapple purse!) And  although I have yet to really try this trend (I’m still looking for my perfect pineapple dress) I did dabble a bit with my pineapple bucket feet shoes! Shop them here & get 10% off with the code COLORME10

 && My cherry Dress, last seen here, is still for
 sale — shop it here

P.S. I’m Wearing …
Crew Cuts Orange Dress (similar) || Kate Spade x Keds Lemon Keds
H&M denim jacket (recently upgraded) ||  Karen Walker Super Duper Sunglasses
Style this Life Bracelet c/o || (the worlds least functional) Banana iPhone 5 case
Green vintage clutch (similar) || hexagon ring c/o Nikibi 

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  1. missthing

    Oh short girl problems. Coming in at 5’4″, I feel your pain. I have a cousin who’s about 5’2″ who does the exact same thing. And thrift stores are great places to look for the odd sizes/shapes. Loving the fruit theme!

    Theatricality by Mariah

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