27th February 2016

Photo Feb 27, 1 52 45 PMWe’re back today with another look from NYFW, and this one is all about faux fur!Photo Feb 27, 1 54 16 PMPhoto Feb 27, 1 58 52 PM To be honest – I don’t really wear faux fur often … I just don’t think I’m fabulous enough for it so i save it for Cookie Lyon’s out there. But when I found this crazy colorful, and playful fur option I had to give it a whirl even if it took me outside my comfort zone.Photo Feb 27, 1 56 41 PMPhoto Feb 27, 1 58 10 PMPhoto Feb 27, 1 55 35 PMIt was freezing during fashion week, so I was living in over the knee boots it was the only way to keep warm! This faux fur also helped (and the hand warmers that I have lining my boots and hanging out in my pockets) keeping my so crazy cozy during the unbearable cold!Photo Feb 27, 2 20 53 PMPhoto Feb 27, 2 04 39 PMWith a coat like this, I decided to play opposites attract and put my hair in a sweet crown braid for an unexpected juxtaposition. I think it’s really easy to go full blown sex-kitten with big waves and a smokey eye, but that’s not really me – so I kept things “Courtney” with a naked eye and signature red lip combo and my braided do! P.S. – don’t worry, I’ll totally do a tutorial on crown braids for short hair girls soon on youtube so make sure you subscribePhoto Feb 27, 2 01 08 PM

Before you go, here’s a few tips for rocking faux fur: 1 – If you’re furry on top, make sure you’re sleek and chic everywhere else! This oversized fur adds a whole lot of extra volume, so I kept things tailored with a body con and tight boots, 2 – make sure it looks faux, people can get really sensitive and offended when others wear fur! Do yourself a favor an invest in something that looks faux, it will save your wallet a bit and save you from paint throwers (even though, I’m not sure if anyone does that anymore?!) 3 – Add an unexpected element! A sexy fun fur look has been done before, so do like I did and switch things up with your hair and makeup to create a overall outfit that makes people look twice!Photo Feb 27, 1 59 47 PM

Coat || Dress || Boots (also here) || Lip || Clutch

Photo Feb 27, 1 57 14 PM

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