Gifting with a Twist

15th December 2017

IMG_7568 2Gifting gifting gifting – it’s what’s on everyone’s mind, including mine.

A fun-ish fact about me is I’m not really into receiving (I have enough stuff) but I LOVE giving, especially when I can do something unexpected to make a gift reaalllly good, which has sort of become a tradition for me.

Last year, my brother said, “I don’t want anything for Christmas, just socks and underwear ….” So, I bought him 365 pairs of socks and underwear, one for each day of 2017! It’s something simple and unexpected like that that can really take a gift from good to great!

Today I’m sharing three awesome gift group ideas all with goodies from Cath Kidston, also talking about WHY they make such great gifts, here we go!Snapseed Snapseed-2 FullSizeRender-3

Push someone outside of the (gift) box!
I love gifts that challenge someone, like giving your most fashionable friend a color she doesn’t normally wear, or your less fashionable sister something that will require her to step up her style game! This first gift set will push your girl outside of her comfort zone and help her try something new in the style department!

If you have a bestie who loves polka dots, give her a gift set of pieces that can be worn together or apart like this one below, it’s a sure-fire way to get her excited about trying something new!

Screen Shot 2017-12-12 at 6.36.30 AM

Turn your gift into an experience!
Go old school and include an “IOU” coupon with your gift! Give her pajamas, fuzzy socks & a mug + an IOU for a cozy movie marathon. Or a cute backpack & scarf combo and the promise to go ice skating in January. If you decide to give a wallet or a purse, print up a cute coupon and slide it inside, you can even give her a clause and say she can’t wear her new goodies until you guys make good on your new plans!

Screen Shot 2017-12-12 at 6.47.42 AM

Make her a print pro
Patterns can be scary. If you have that friend/sister who doesn’t love anything printed, ease her in with one go-to pattern! Cath Kidston makes the cutest Button Spot and floral designs, which are easy starter prints, so create a super matchy-matchy gift set with solid pieces & a few patterned players to really introduce her to how fun (and quirky) patterns can be.Screen Shot 2017-12-12 at 6.42.12 AM

If you’re looking for something vintage, girly, modern, fun, classic, whimsical or anything in between – you can find it all at Cath Kidston! The best part? Given the brand is based in London, it will give your gift a “one of a kind” feel and make it extra special with a modern vintage twist!

Shop the look:

Coat || Sweatshirt || Flats || Jeans
Shop what you see:
Velvet Flats || Glitter Bauble || Glitter Bauble
Velvet Backpack || Twinkle Jumper

Photos taken at Bryant Park Winter Village
Thanks to Cath Kidston for sponsoring this post!

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  1. Olatunji

    All the gifting ideas are awesome – but I confess that I may first get myself that really nice coat before even thinking of gifting it. Lol.

    Looks just so cool.

    Thanks for the suggestions.

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