Girls Who Wear Pearls

9th May 2014

Today I’m sharing my latest Splurge VS Save Story
as part of the Credit Insider’s campaign towards spending responsibly.

 Pearly, girly styles and ulta-femme accesories are all the range for Spring – and I’m obsessed! But, no one does this trend better than the original pearl-master, Chanel.
Chanel’s spring collection had an artsy vibe, but nodded to it’s pearl on pearl history with a headphone inspired giant pearl choker and pearly, bauble bracelets. Chanel can have an immobilizing affect on me, and this choker was not exception. I remember immediately having a “I want it… no, I need it!” reaction to this pretty, pearly number. In the words of Carrie Bradshaw, “It wasn’t logic, It was love”.
I wasn’t alone, Karl also shared my favoritism: “My Favorite thing is the new necklace like an earphone, it’s two huge bears, but in fact it’s very flattering because the huge pearls give a beautiful light on the girl’s face” 
The word agree’s with Karl. Since, this pearly beaut has graced the cover of Vouge Italia, Vogue Australia and Harper’s Bazaar UK and made appearances on the necks of Miley Cyrus, Keira Knightley, the sister of my Imaginary bestie, Cara Delevingne (I’m convinced Poppy Delevingne and I would be BFFS… someone just needs to tell her!) and my new obsession, Lupita Nyogo’o along with many others. So by now, I was desperate to make it my own, but the $3700+ price tag makes that easier said than done!
After my love at first sight moment and being constantly stalked by this necklace, I knew I had to have it … but since it costs more than a months rent my sane side shut that down and I died a little. But my darling blogger friend, Daisy O (she shares her current pearl obsessions in her most recent  pearl-tastic post) brought me back to life a little when she met me for brunch wearing this amazing Chanel-inspired pearl choker from none other than Zara. After swooning, I had to steal her style by picking up this pretty, pearly must-have for myself and I feel like i’ve been wearing it ever since!
outfit details & full post here // photo by Claire Eliza via Landcam
Outfit details and full post here // Photo by Pratik Doshi

For $20 bucks and a trip to Zara, you too can get this amazing and surprising versatile pearl choker necklace! It looks great with a crop top, dressy dress or even a casual tee & boyfriend jeans. Don’t believe me? here’s five ways to wear it!

Similar necklace for $16 here. I also love this matching pearl bracelet for $16
& shop more pearly pretties below:
I hope you liked my Splurge vs Save moment and participation in Credit Card Insider’s initiative to help  shopaholics (like me) spend responsibly! The non-stop compliments on this look for less find plus my own satisfaction of getting a stylish steal on a necklace I have been eyeing for ages make me feel as amazing as this necklace! So glad I was able to score such an amazing budget-ista friendly find (thanks again, Daisy)! I would love to hear about your Splurge VS Save story, share it in a comment!
XO Courtney Quinn

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    1. Courtney

      Hey Sabina! That’s what’s great about this steal find, it’s cheap enough to get & play around with! I actually like it better than the oversized Chanel one, it’s much more wearable!

    1. Courtney

      Nice! I can’t wait to see you wear it on your blog (love your gladiators in your recent post, I couldn’t ever pull those off the way you do)! Thanks, I hope they inspire you XO

  1. Coach boots

    I love the dress! It is very true that it is huge at the bust, and that is saying something as I am a D cup. Though it will need alterations to adjust for my body dimensions

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