Sep 1 2016
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Glampin’ in the Hamptons

FullSizeRender 24 I’ll be real honest with you guys – I am a total klutz!FullSizeRender 20

No really, I drop my phone like it’s going out of style and often pay the ultimate price.FullSizeRender 23

No matter where I go, New York City, Disney Land, and even Japan (all places I have shattered my phone before) I drop my poor little iPhone 6         plus and it usually doesn’t live to tell the tale. Well not anymore, I took my phone (and my inherent lack of balance) to the Hamptons and came back with it in once piece, so naturally I’m telling you all about it!FullSizeRender 22

I recently went up to the Hamptons (well Montauk) for the weekend with Refinery29. The weekend included: hanging out at a beach house, swimming in a pool, catching some rays, going to the beach, having a BBQ, going on a scavenger hunt, eating our weight in lobster rolls and making the perfect summer memories … that I was able to capture on my not so broken iPhone, yay!FullSizeRender 30

Okay, lets rewind to before the Hamptons and my continued adventures with a broken phone. I’m not the most graceful of people and I have a severe case of butter fingers, so my phone spends more time on the floor (or in pieces) than it does in my hand. After trying fun but not so functional phone cases like my silicone banana cover, a flamingo case and even a minion shaped one, I finally wised up, became an adult and invested in a real phone case like this one from tech21.FullSizeRender 19IMG_2619

Fast forward to my weekend in the Hamptons: Color me obsessed – I’m now addicted to the winning combo of the tech21 Evo Glass screen protector and their rose gold Evo Elite case. The pair has protected my phone through 4 epic drops, 2 flops and even some spilled ice cream #whoops. After the fourth fall, I got a slight scratch on the screen protector, but otherwise everything’s fine!FullSizeRender 25

With the confidence this fall-proof-phone gave me, I was able to focus on other things, like my hair that was so big from the humidity (but not full of secrets). I came up to Montauk with straight locks, but as soon as we hit the beach my hair turned crazy curly. I spent most of the weekend sans handbag with just my phone and some sunglasses, I lived in off the shoulder shirts and high-waisted shorts with my hair tied up in a bandana. Leaving my bag behind was a breeze because I could take my phone in my hand without fear of mass destruction. From the time I spent lounging in the back yard to the adventures we had in Montauk, I was never scared of destroying my phone the way I usually am and it made for a more enjoyable (and relaxing) weekend.FullSizeRender 29

My new Evo Elite case has rose gold sides (to match my rose gold iPhone) and a clear back. It’s a very chic, mature design and much cuter than your average “protective” case. To give it a little bit of added whimsy and just make it more “me” I added some fun stickers from Shop Bando. That helped to add a splash of color and a fun, summer message; plus, who am I to say no to a donut sticker?FullSizeRender 28

With a busy lifestyle like mine, I rely on my phone, it’s basically my BFF. So shattering it can literally shatter my week, my plans and ultimately my business – no bueno. Although I might miss having a banana shaped phone case, I won’t miss always having a cracked phone (or spending my hard earned shoe money to pay for it – that cash needs to go straight to my ankles).IMG_2618

Tech 21 Evo Glass screen protector
rose gold Evo Elite


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