Going Blue!

20th March 2016

IMG_6581FUN FACT – I’m 45% camel and a total H20 Addict!

Okay, that’s kind of a lie but I do drink water like a fish, I literally crave water the way people crave coffee or soda – I know, it’s weird. As a result I can’t imagine living a life without clean water – but about 1 in 10 people are currently living without safe water (crazy right?) so today I’m teaming up with EMU Australia to do our part in going Blue!IMG_6586

World Water Day is March 22nd – it’s the perfect time to show support for the human right to water and global water crisis, which affects 650 million people today. The thing that’s SO CRAZY to me is that this crisis is as solvable as it is deadly, and also so unknown and under-discussed!FullSizeRender

EMU Australia is doing their part in spreading awareness this World Water Day by partnering with Water Aid while letting us get in touch with our creative side! Water Aid has launched #Blue4Water to encourage supporters to go blue! I’ve joined the fun and used blue paint and these boots to GO BLUE’ this world water day to help raise awareness! Things are starting to warm up in NYC and although boot like these keep me warm and toasties all winter long, as the temperatures rise in my city, I can’t quite say the same for the rest of the world.IMG_6587

Ready for another fun fact? I have a pen pal! Her name is Pala and she lives in Iceland, just outside of Reykjavik – it’s cold and wet there most of the year (it’s supposed to rain almost all week long with temps in the 40’s) so I thought in the spirit of giving back and raising awareness I would start the DIY process of these toasties EMU Australia boots before sending them off to Miss Pala! After painting the soles BLUE I’ve packed up this crate and DIY kit and shipped it off to Pala with a few words about the World Water Crisis – its my way of spreading awareness and giving something good all in one fell swoop! Using the paints, stencils, brushes, modgepodge and other supplies inside the kit, Pala can make these boots her own and go #Blue4Water in her own way!

If you want to Join Pala and I in going Blue with EMU here’s some DIY-INSPO to get you started!Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 6.44.21 PM

Big thanks to Emu Australia & Water Aid for helping me spread awareness today! If you want to support WaterAid’s work text WATERAID to 80077 to donate $10 or visit their site to get involved!IMG_6580

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