Granny Chic

22nd February 2016

 Why Hello Grandma, what big sunnies you have!

 Granny Chic is a thing right? Right. And today I’m kicking it old school and taking your grandmas dream closet to new cotton candy heights while sharing another NYFW look.

My favorite thing about NYFW outfit making is that you can really go over the top, and no one really minds it! In fact it’s one of the few times a year that over dressing is not only accepted but almost encouraged, so HEY what are you waiting for – go all out!

When I decide to take this Grandma Chic coat for a fashion week whirl (it comes with the broach) I thought, why not go full blown Granny! So I kept with the Gma theme by stepping into tights, kitten heel Mary Janes, rainbow tweed and big rose colored glasses, to help cover those oh so designer bags hanging out under your eyes.


 I’ve always had a thing for bright colored tweed, not sure why but I’ve always been drawn to it! So much so, I find myself googling “rainbow tweed” like a sixty year old maniac! Sometimes I win, sometimes I loose and sometimes I hit the technicolor lottery with a pretty pastel shift dress that color crazed grannies only dream of ! Naturally, I had to go overboard and pair granny style with even more granny style with all of the little old lady favs!

Dress || Coat (comes with broach) || Shoes  (gold here)|| Sunnies (different shape) || Tights || Purse || Grey Pom 

Oh and for the record, dressing like a little old lady for fashion week is wrong, I don’t want to be right — XO, CQ

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