#GSD – Tips for productivity

28th April 2015

IMG_7684 Happy Cubical Day! (I bet you didn’t even know that was a holiday) but in celebration I’m sharing a few tips on creating a function and fun work space so you can GSD (Get stuff done!)
IMG_7688Although you’ll mostly see floral dresses and striped crop tops here on Color Me Courtney, I do get a lot of questions surrounding how I juggle a full time job working in the corporate fashion world (I work at Coach in Product Development for handbags) and running Color Me Courtney. The short answer is, its no easy and you have to stay totally focused, productive and organized (which I am not necessarily by nature) to keep from going totally bananas. One thing that I have found helps so much is to create a really great work space that’s equal parts organized, inspiring and ultimately fun!IMG_7717
1 – ALL OF THE SUPPLIES It’s okay to overdo it on the supply front – maybe you don’t need three notebooks, four pencils and a pair of gold scissors and a matching gold stapler but maybe you do. I like to have everything I could possibly need within arm’s reach so I don’t have to get up from my desk like ever. I also like to add touches of home, like succulent plants (I’m from Arizona) and my French Bulldog Calendar to keep the good vibes coming as I’m working away!IMG_7670
2 – DIMINISH DISTRACTIONS – I love spring, but when the flowers start to bloom so do my allergies. Although Allegra is currently my BFF, she wouldn’t do a thing for me without a trusty Kleenex or two – hence why you’ll find crazy cute Betsey Johnson for Kleenex product almost everywhere on my desk. I know that if I burst into an allergy attack and have to run to the bathroom for tissue, my ADD will kick in and I’ll get distracted along the way and start play with Waffles or clean my kitchen and never make it back to blogging – whoops. The best way to prevent this is to keep some of my Betsey Johnson edition Kleenex on my desk for easy access – plus the boxes are so stinking cute that they double as decor!IMG_7734
3 – JUST ADD COLOR (or pattern… or both) – A little pattern never hurt nobody, intact it lifts me up when I’m drowning in emails – so there’s nothing I love more than adding a little “fun” to my work place with bright colors, bold patterns and fun office accessories. I paired striped pieces with floral accessories and the fun printed kleenex product for a wild desk party!
4 – KEEP IT CLEAN – I’m really, really messy oh and I eat, like a lot! So I need to keep my work space clean despite all of the crumbs. I use my hand towels to wipe my space clean often and keep the place from not turning into a total disaster.IMG_7690
5 – GET CREATIVE – You’ve got to work with what you got and sometimes get creative! I turned my Kleenex hand towel box into letter holder on my desk when I was done with them and am totally loving the end result.IMG_7723
If you’re also totally crushing on this cool Betsey Johnson for Kleenex Collab you can read more about it herefind out where to purchase your goodies here. Plus I would love to learn how you get productive! IMG_7705
Big thanks to Kleenex for partnering on this post and be sure to check them out on Facebook & Twitter Also, thank you for supporting brands that support this blog! As always, all opinions and thoughts are my own 🙂

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  1. Anonymous

    Hi Courtney! I would stay and work til midnight if I had this luscious colorful desk!! Is that a Betsy Johnson kleenex box? I love how you were so innovative to reuse it for your outgoing mail! And, don’t get me started on your screensaver which I love but could never use….don’t have that much will power! Thank you for visiting me today!

    Kiss kiss,

    adorn la femme

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