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19th November 2015

IMG_9517As promised, I’m starting to bring you LOTS more fun beauty content here to ColorMeCourtney – YAY!! Today is all about how Pooja and Living Proof helped transform my hair last week from dead to drab while breathing new life into my locks!slide1

 I spend a lot of time (& money) on my clothes, but to be honest I don’t invest much in my appearance otherwise (#yikes) lol. Recently, I’ve tried cutting back on hair care, both appointments and even sometimes on product and it’s totally showed! SO when I was asked to try Living Proof, a hair care line that I’ve hear AMAZING things about and been dying to give a whirl – I tickled pink. I didn’t think anything could top that excitement – until I entered the Salon.

Welcome to the COOLEST SALON EVER – Blackstones NYC located in the East Village! The Hat Shop turned Salon pays tributes to its roots with epic décor – I’m talking dreamy vanity mirrors with a vintage vibe and a dash of quirkiness. It was by far the most whimsical hair experience I had ever had.IMG_4134

An experience … I have actually never thought about that before but getting your hair done should be an experience – and at Blackstones they totally deliver. Waiting on you like a taxidermy queen (the place is covered in taxidermy and interesting art) and Pooja (my stylist) was AMAZING! She gave my hair the TLC it totally deserved and helped educate me on the reasons why my damage is occurring (double yikes) and how to prevent it (yay Pooja). Not to mention, she was the cutest, spunkiest thing I’ve ever seen – it’s always nice when you have a stylist who A) listens to you B) does a good job and C) is just enjoyable to be around – and that’s Pooja!

Honestly, it doesn’t matter how beautiful a Salon is, if the service isn’t good and if my hair doesn’t turn out looking awesome, right? Yes the experience matters – but so does your hair! Pooja introduced me to Living Proof, a hair care line I have been DYING to try ever since I saw a blogger review their frizz fighting product over the summer. So a little about my hair, it’s naturally curly (I straighten it), it hates humidity and just New York in general (Very frizzy). So I have a lot of problems with it – it’s dry, damaged and just not my best friend right now.IMG_4029

 After my treatment using the Living Proof Restore Mask Treatment (let it sit for 10 min) and washing up with Living Proof Restore Shampoo and Living Proof Restore Conditioner I was kind of BLOWN AWAY by the instant change I saw in my hair. It was softer, lighter and easier to style! After Pooja trimmed the dead ends, and styled me with Living Proof’s No Frizz Nourishing Styling Cream and Living Proof’s Style Lab Straight heat activated protectant I couldn’t believe how different it looked! SO much so I’ve been wearing it straight (opposed to wavy) ever since – I think you can see the difference!IMG_9536

Pooja sent me home with a bunch of Living Proof product – my favorite being the “restore” collection since that’s what my damage hair needed. Since switching to Living Proof product which do not have silicone in it (yuck, did you know most hair products do??) I’ve noticed a visible difference – not only does it look healthier but (the best part) is it is SO MUCH easier to style, which for me is the biggest bonus! Living Proof also shares some awesome tips for healthier hair and using their products on their blog!

Living Proof Favorite Products to Try
(What are you waiting for, give it a whirl!)Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 11.24.24 PM

Salon Photo Creds: one || two || Three

Thanks to Living Proof for the new do & introducing me to their product & big thanks to Pooja for saving my hair (and for having the coolest name ever) 😉IMG_9568

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  1. stylehue

    Your hair eneded up looking really good 🙂
    I’m the same.. my hair is the one thing I don’t give much attention, or know what to do with :p
    I have started making more braids and updos to make my hair look less boring.

    I’m looking forward to more beauty posts from you <3


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