His & Hers .BK

6th August 2014

Pop quiz, what is of the most plain and basic piece in your closet? What’s the most versatile? Every considered combining these two must haves into one? Am I totally blowing your mind right now?

Although I have been known to splurge on the occasional floral skirt, I also talk a lot about investment pieces, and about working with the basics. (Remember these posts? Don’t worry a new one is coming for Fall, which is right around the corner by the way… Bananas!). Anyways, some quality basics are crucial to building a killer wardrobe – for both men and women. Today Paris & I teamed up for our second His & Hers post in our twinning tops, although technically this is a his, his & hers post since Waffles, the other man in my life, is crashing. 

 What’s mine is yo– whoa there, just kidding we’re not at that stage yet! But Paris and I do occasionally share clothes (It pays to have a slender boyfriend, even if it does make you feel a bit self conscious that he can wear your clothes, but not self conscious enough to put down the Mint Chocolate Chip. Awesome, now I’m hungry). The sharing usually benefits me, I steal his sweaters in the winter or wrap his cardigans around my waist in the Spring, and sometimes completely borrow from the boys with total menswear inspired looks, but sometimes P gets something from it too. Today we’re wearing the same .BK shirt (mines a size small, his a medium, but he can wear mine too) but in two different ways. While Paris took a pattern play by pairing with Camo Pants (according to him “Camo pants go with everything I wanna wear”), I kept things classic by pairing with other closet basics: denim and nude pumps!
 His: .BK shirt || Old Navy Camo Pants || Timberland Boots
Hers: .BK shirt || Dolce Vita Heels || Wet Seal Jeans || Kate Spade Bag
(insert corny one liner here — Paris, lives for these and thinks he’s so dang witty… and he kind of is… kind of)
 Be sure to check out our first His & Hers here and tell me what you think of this new segment — I can’t wait to here from you! XX

13 thoughts on “His & Hers .BK

    1. Courtney

      Hi Sarah! I agree in investing in the basics too, they are a MUST HAVE for every wardrobe and a department I was seriously slacking in. This year I have really focused on amping up that part of my closet and it provides me with so much more versatility in my looks, best decision I ever made!

      As always, thanks for stopping by XX

    1. Courtney

      Oh my gosh I am kind of jealous of your relationship, that sounds perfect! I can’t wait to see how you rock it, please share!!! XX

  1. MsJPetite

    Very cute and casual looks! You two look soo adorable! Very nice segment to have on a blog…You’ve just gained yourself a new follower :)


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