Holiday decor for Small Living!

30th November 2016

untitled-3dI love the holidays, especially Christmas BUT I’m one of those crazies who’s a firm believer that Christmas Craziness can’t start until December – I know I know, I just like to give thanksgiving it’s day!

Anyways – Since we’re now on the Christmas Clock I wanted to run up some awesome decorating tips for Small Living (aka NYC apartments). Best part? everything you’ll find here is crazy affordable and from Amazon (hello, 2 day shipping).

A few easy ideas:untitled-3
Add a small, pre-light tree for easy decor. I like the “bare” ones or the fun “Charlie Brown” sad tree’s for an NYC apartment thats short on space!

Try magnets for a fridge, you can display your christmas cards there for easy decor or cut out snowflakes for a simple NYC

Invest in a sequin tablecloth, you can use it year around – especially on NYE

holiday pillows are the easies way to switch things up – I suggest investing in mostly winter ones so you can keep them up after Christmas!

Fair isle stockings are the perfect combination of fun and festive – plus I love that its a transitional twist on the holidays.

Everyone loves cookies! Bake some up (or buy them) and pop them into festive bags. Pass them out for co-workers, friends or family!

I also have to say, that if you aren’t using Amazon Prime, you need to. Seriously. It’s changed my life. I wish I was super prepared and always on time, but TBH 90% of the things I order, the projects I work on and the content I create is done within a week notice, due to a delayed response from the brand or procrastination on my end #oops. Last Christmas I got an Amazon Prime subscription and it’s literally CHANGED MY LIFE. I order from amazon on a weekly (sometimes bi-weekly) basis, and actually, as I was writing this, I remembered I needed more treats for my dog, Waffles and placed a same day order. I really can’t rave about something more than I can Amazon Prime – just trust me when you say, you need it you need it you need it.

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