How to Look Thinner and Taller

21st January 2015

sequin skirt sequin pencil skirt how to wear a sequin pencil skirt wear a sequin skirt the perfect sequin skirt how to wear a sequin skirt sequin skirt fashion blogger glitter skirt new york fashion blogger fashion blogger sparkle skirt black fashion blogger ombre hair long bob lob long bob ombre hair hombre hair black fashion blogger color me courtneyIt’s no secret that I’m a shorty (Yay, fun sized) and I am not ashamed of it at all but sometimes I want to look a little taller, a little thinner and just like Karlie Kloss! Okay, so maybe that third one is a bit of a streeettchhh but the first two are totally obtainable, and I’ll prove it!

Today I’m sharing three ways to look instantly taller and thinner (aside from just wearing heels, cause that’s kind of cheating) + my go-to fashion tip that everyone should follow!

Drop and Give Me Twenty pounds, not pushups!red plaid buffalo plaid mens buffalo plaid buffalo plaid boyfriend shirt how to wear buffalo plaid how to wear plaid flannel mens flannel wear mens flannel women boyfriend flannel plaid boyfriend flannel fashion blogger black fashion blogger black fashion blogger fashion bloggers to follow new york city fashion blogger new yorkcity fashion blogger new york fashion blogger nyc fashion blogger new york black fashion blogger fashion blogger plaid fashion blogger fashion blogger to follow best fashion bloggers the best fashion bloggersI love me some sprinkles, and am not so keen on hitting the gym (I don’t think I am supposed to admit to that, but I totally just did, whoops) so aside from the little cardio I get walking to work, chasing Waffles down the block and having a midnight dance party to One Direction (don’t judge me), I don’t usually find myself “feeling the burn” and am therefore not a 100 pounds like I was in High School. But… who cares! I own my current weight (donut thighs in the house) but can also give myself a slimmer twist by creating the illusion of a thinner look, here’s how – I pair a high waisted jean in a dark color with a front tucked shirt and heels! Tucking a shirt into the front, creates the illusion of leg length and a tiny waist to make you look instantly slimmer, plus the heels help give you that extra boost while hiding your caboose ;)!
color me courtney color me courtney color me courtney color me courtney color me courtney color me courtney color me courtney winter style winter chic what to wear in winter how to look cute in winter winter fashion style winter outfit winter style what to wear for winter blanket scarf how to wear a blanket scarf blanket scarf blanket scarf how to wear a blanket scarf Look One // Look Two

Growth Spurt! Is it just me, or did you get taller?Sequin Shirt Sequin top Polka dot sequin polka dot sequin top polka dot sequin blouse sequin polka dot blouse leopard clutch black leather skirt leopard clutch clare v clutch black leopard clare v clutch fashion blogger black fashion blogger color me courtney fashion blogger
Don’t let your eyes fool you, I am totally still five foot nada but can kind of trick you into thinking I grew a bit with over the knee boots and thigh-high socks! Pairing tall boots with even taller socks and a mini skirt create a crazy go-go-gadget length extension giving me a few extra inches, even in flat boots! If you want to go full on Super Model Status, switch flats for OTK wedge boots to really pump up your look, and your height!IMG_1206
Look One // Look Two

My biggest style tip? Its a Cinch!
You know how women used to spend hours stuffing their bodies into teeny tiny little corsets and destroying their organs only to potentially pass out in their 30 pound gown?  Well, you could totally do that and you would look instantly slimmer…. or you could do this – Cinch Your Waist! Cinching your waist changes everything, and is my go-to tip for instantly enhancing your body! Until recently, I only wore high waisted skirts or dresses (never pants) and would cinch it up on the daily! Now, I have over-come my pant-phobia but still rely on cinching my waist at my smallest point with a belt (big or small) or a high-waisted skirt to really nip my waist and create shape! I believe in this tip so much that I had to share it with Avenue 32 when they asked for my go-to style trick! Read it and more awesome fashion advice from bloggers and fashion pros in their awesome new Ebook!10919017_10205526605023652_7575343704364655629_nWhat’s you style trick? I would love to hear from you!

20 thoughts on “How to Look Thinner and Taller

  1. melissa

    Such a cute idea for a post Court…now if only you gave the secret to dropping twenty pounds in a cinch in general 😉 haha

  2. Brittany

    LOVE this post, I’m 5’3 so I understand haha! Love the thigh socks with knee high boots idea, I’ve been looking for the perfect over the knee boots!

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Shannon

    Love this post! These are great tips & I just realised I actually utilise some of them myself without even noticing it. I would still love to be taller though haha


  4. Anonymous

    these are great tricks!! your blog is really good by the way…
    sophie from currently based in….. NYC

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