Shift Dresses 101

6th July 2015

IMG_8424 Let’s conquer some fashion fears (insert fist pounding emoji here).IMG_8488IMG_8411

Until recently, I feared three things: Shift dresses, denim jackets worn at the waist (and how chunky they make you look) and being in a lake filled with amebas. Well now, all of that has changed and I’ve conquered two fears in one!IMG_8534IMG_8331

If you’re short and not straight up and down, shift dresses are not your friend. If you’re arms aren’t stick skinny, shift dresses are not your friend. If you have boobs, or a butt or any kind of curve – shift dresses are not your friend. Why? Oh come one you know the answer – because they can be semi-rude garments that leave you shapeless and fail to show off your smallest point!IMG_8437

Learning to dress for your body is all about finding your smallest point and accentuating it (you know this, I tell you all the time… you’re actually probably sick of hearing it, sorry about that). So I would usually suggest you avoid pieces that do not allow you to do so – aka shift dresses. But this would totally make your wardrobe options dwindle and I’m so not into that – plus, why would we avoid a wardrobe challenge we would could take the chance to totally tackle it and show it’s who’s boss — challenge accepted.IMG_8363IMG_8394

So if you have a shapeless shift dress, you can totally adjust it to make it work for your body and define your waist in two awesome ways: one – wear this belt (honestly it changes everything!!!) at your smallest point or two – tie something around your waist and Viola, Instant shape! Today I opted for option B by wearing a denim jacket around my waist – something I probably never would have done for sheer fear of instantly adding ten pounds to my hips – yikes! Anyways, if you opt for a lighter-weight denim jacket with a more worn in and malleable material like mine, you can totally avoid the extra baggage. A quick tie at the waist will draw your eye there, creating a shape within the dress and adding definition to your smallest point making that shift dress wearable for even a 5’1, curvy girl and squashing two fashion wears in one – BOOM!IMG_8507


WHITE SHIFT DRESS – I’ve been wearing mine like once a week #oops – get it here
BROWN BLOCK SANDALS – So crazy comfy, can’t. stop. wearing. – get them here
STRIPED PINEAPPLE TOTE – my summer fav and currently on sale – get it here or here
LIGHT WASH DENIM JACKET – perfect for all year long – get it here
TORTOISE SUPER DUPER SUNGLASSES – my all time favs – get them here or here

So what do you say? willing to give this shifty-dress a whirl? Come on, do it! Waffles and I double dog dare ya 😉IMG_8393

16 thoughts on “Shift Dresses 101

  1. Ruth

    I adore this outfit it looks lovely on you! I too am a short curvy girl who’s always steered away from shift dresses but now; I’m sensing a purchase very soon! x

  2. Diamond

    I kept finding pretty shift dresses, but the fit was all wrong. So thanks for this post, I am going to give them another try. Also, can you do a post on how to wear jumpsuits for short girls and all the different shapes that work well for curves? Thanks.

  3. Erika

    I have to admit I like how shift dresses look on other girls, but I’m terrified to try the style on my own figure.. As you said though, we need to conquer our fears, so I might be going on a hunt for shift dresses very soon 😉
    xoxo Erika

  4. Dea

    I’m not overweight, but my problem is that my fat sits around my lower belly like a floating tire. Plus I have a nervous stomach, so I don’t wan’t to wear clothes that fit tightly. This is why I really love Shift Dresses in summer. I know they don’t accent my shape or curves – but this is what I like them for. But you made me think about it… 😉

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