I like Big Bows

25th April 2015

IMG_6638… and I cannot lieIMG_6702IMG_6672


There’s something kind of obnoxious but still really awesome about wearing a big giant bow. You feel crazy girly and also kind of just crazy all at once. Some people stop and stare, in both positive and negative ways but I really don’t mind, after all I like wearing a big giant bow despite the attention it may bring.IMG_6739IMG_6660IMG_6647

It’s no secret that bows are kind of my thing, but it can be hard to wear them in a semi chic way without looking totally bananas – I hope I kind of sort of achieved that by pairing a large girly-skirt with a tight fitting bodice and scrappy sandals. Together, this crazy girl look was perfect for a Sunday of brunch with some of my favorite blogger babesIMG_6703

SKIRTBig Bow Skirt from ASOS

BODICEBlack Sweetheart Crop Top from ASOS
SANDALSSteve Madden Strappy Sandals
BAGRebecca minkoff Quilted Love BagIMG_6666

39 thoughts on “I like Big Bows

  1. Bblythe

    I love fringes and this dress is amazing! I also loved the shoes very much and the jacket! You did combine all in a very classy and unique way, no doubt! You look always gorgeous and I hope you enjoy a great weekend and post the nice dresses you wore, next week! http://www.dressmonsoonline.com

  2. Tanya

    This is so amazing. Girl I thought it was a dress, wow you really pieced those two together really well. It looks amazing on you!


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