I’m an Angel, baby

31st July 2015

IMG_6821Guys! I’m so excited to share this super secret crazy big announcement – I have been named the newest Victoria’s secret angel … and will be walking in their fashion show this year!!!!IMG_6773

haha okay sorry, all of that is a total and complete lie. I am the furthest thing from a super model, but I am teaming up with Victorias secret today to talk a little bit about bras!IMG_6767

So, not gonna lie, 90% of the time the first thing I do (aside from greet Waffles) when I get home is take off my bra… sometimes even before my shoes! No matter what I do, I always find them wildly uncomfortable and I can’t wait to get it off. So when VS approached me about their new online quiz & fit guide to help you find the perfect bra fit I had to give it a whirl and guess what… I have been wearing the wrong bra my whole life hahah awesome.IMG_6789IMG_6864

After going up a size, and trying the Body By Victoria Lounge Bra that Victoria’s Secret was kind enough to send me, I actually spent my first full day in probably a really long time bonding with my bra – meaning I came home from work, shooting and eating my way through the city and I didn’t take off my bra, crazy right! The super soft fabric and lack of wiring made it crazy comfortable to wear instead of making me feel like I’m constrainted and somewhat affecting, as most bras do. It’s kind of perfect to wear under a T-shirt or around the house and I’m so totally obsessed. Oh and since it’s SO HOT right now, and it’s kind of a tankini / crop top size, I may have resorted to wearing it around the house with sleep shorts… which has totally embarrassed Waffles (“Mommmmm stop”) but he can get over it!   IMG_6844

This new lounge bra has done wonders for my confidence, being comfortable can do that to a person especially when you’re supported in all the right places! I think the collection in general can have that effect on people – If you’re cute & girly, their crazy comfortable bras come in more colors and styles + sassy lacey options (Ohhh la la). Or if you’re simple (and kind of sweaty like me) you can stick with the soft and comfortable classics or try out the lounge bra, which is my new BFF. Either way you can enter to win a Jaguar with the purchase on any BBV bra (vroom vroom) plus offer free shipping and free returns which I love because I’m all about online shopping and can’t even remember the last time I went in to an actual story (seriously, I have a problem)! IMG_6832

Take the Quiz here  (it could change your life or at least make you a lot more bra-friendly)
Shop Body By Victoria here Photos we’re taken from my bed (obvi) I’ll share deets on my bedroom in my next home tour, stay tuned!!! IMG_6791
This post was in partnership with Victoria’s Secret and Shop at Home and Waffles… okay jk, not Waffles! All opinions and thoughts are my own :)

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