It’s Festival Season, Yo

18th April 2015

00000260It’s festival season, and we all know what that means crop tops & flower crowns galore… Barf.0000032300000342So if my full-skirt obsession and high heal habits didn’t convince you, now I’m making it real clear – I’m not really a festival-season-kinda-gal. I’m more Blaire Waldorf, and less, ehh ke$ha lol. It’s not that I don’t love a good flower crown (okay that’s kind of the reason) it’s just that I’m not really into the whole, hippie,-dippie carefree, boho, let’s do peyote kind-of-thin (am I way off here? what really goes on at Coachella) plus the idea of camping out in the desert for a week with lots of sand and little (to no) showers kind of gives me the heebie jeebies – I need my hot water yo! But the kinda cool thing about Coachella, South by Southwest and all of those other desert-based festivals (confession, that’s about all I know and I only learned what SxSW was this year when I received brand invites lolz) is that now fashion so such a huge part of them – so that’s pretty freaking rad.00000330I’m not sure when we decided a music was the “new hip opportunity” to debut a brands new fashion collection, but I kind of dig it. I think it’s a cool time to interact with customers on a new level and a way for brands to really resonate with their target market, or even their not-so-target market in a relaxed and modern setting. Okay, enough with the marketing mumbo jumbo (is my MBA showing?) festival season also gives you an excuse to go food truck cray, channel your inner rave goddess, become a glow stick pro and if you really have to, wear a flower crown in public without being scrutinized, but rather worshiped like some kind of Coachella queen of the desert… So am I going to Coachella this year? No, will I next year? Don’t quote me on it, but no, probably not… But can I get on board with ditching my bra for a bikini and embracing two day old hair, oh heck yeah I just don’t know why I have to flight across the country to get in on this action?0000029500000262For this festival-esqe look I turned to aerie & American eagle, because they have a little bit of that boho vibe without being too bananas about it. Plus I love their continuous nods to their American heritage without throwing it in your face like “omg American flag”, we get it, you’re an american brand but we don’t need to swallow stars and stripes to get your point across… anyways, I’m rambling, but they do it in a subtle and stylish way. So when I needed “festival fashion”, they were the perfect partner for creating this chillaaxxeddd look – that’s perfect for Coachella or just somewhere coastal (ps is it summer yet?). A girly-Lacey bikini in a fun pop of color, prevented me from wearing a bra (score) while providing a little color pop when layered under a flowy poncho-sweater-scarf-shall-hybrid that I won’t be taking off until Fall … okay, Winter! I paired it with basic distressed denim shorts, an easy basic and must have for Spring/summer before adding studded sandals, a crocheted backpack and black sunnies. Oh and so you could still recognize me, I added a bright orange lip 😉0000032100000334You may have noticed my hair grew a bit 😉 how very perceptive of you! Since I was already challenging chillax-Courtney, who lives in Palm Springs, dances at dawn, designs sunglasses by day, DJs by night, lives off coconut water, almonds, pineapples and kale, has three secret tattoos and an adopted pet elephant named Alister (whoa, she sounds awesome), she also hasn’t cut her hair in three years, but has no split ends and loves a good fish tale… Braid that is. Anyways, if you’re more like the realll Color Me Courtney you’ll usually see here, a New York based mess of a 20-something with a short hair don’t care attitude, you can achieve chillax-Courtney’s look with clip in extensions and a messy fishtale braid! Are you guys into this look? Maybe I’ll post a tutorial soon?!0000035900000336

BIKINI – Blue Floral Eyelet Bikini Top & Bottoms
PANCHO – White Sweater Scarf (one size)
SHORTS – Distressed Denim Shorts
BACKPACK – Crochet Drawstring Backpack
SUNGLASSESBlack Sunglasses
SANDALS – Studded Sandals Similar here or here
HAIRLuxys Clip In Hair

Confession – posts like this always make me really nervous when I showcase a different side of my style or sometimes a total alter ego (yah, I’m kind of a style schizophrenic, so what) I never know what you guys are going to think or how you’ll respond (where’s that dang monkey-covering-the-eyes-emoji when you need it!!) Anyways I would totally love if you weighed in below, do you love chillax courtney’s style, just kind of like it or are you totally not into it but would still probably sit next to her on the school bus… as long as she showered after her week long desert dancing tour…. either way, I WANNA KNOW! Okay that is all, byezzz

00000315 Thanks to Aerie & American Eagle for partnering on this post


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  1. Jane

    Love your take on the whole festival madness lol. I feel totally the same way because as much as Iight rock a boho top now and again I am not flying across the country to hit up a music festival just because the fashion elite have claimed it as their own. Anywhoo loving how you showed off a different side of yourself with this outfit and your hair looks fab!!

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