Jump, Jump Around

20th August 2016

Jump up Jump up and get down!I’ll be the first to admit, I haven’t always been a jumpsuiter, but as of late I just can’t get enough. Maybe it’s the pajama level of comfort that comes with wearing one, or maybe it’s the fact that it’s an easy one and done outfit, but either way I’ll be wearing these cuties until the seasons change.

I love this jumpsuit because the built in bodice makes me feel extra skinny (wee) it pulls everything in (and up) pin up style! It’s perfect if you find yourself eating your way through Denver and needing that extra squeeze – so yeah, it’s basically jumpsuit spanx!!!Recently I was in Denver, and this spotted jumpsuit I found at Anthro came with me as we traveling up into the altitude. (Who knew Denver was soooo dry, if you’re heading that way be sure to pack extra moisturizer to avoid having to purchase some like I did – yikes. With that high elevation, your skin will dry out way faster than it does down here in NYC). I only brought one bag with me on the trip, my trusty pretzel bag who accompanied me to have Ice Cream and Nuggs!

Don’t let the ice cream fool you – we’re still in that weird spot between summer and fall where you really wanna wear all the new fall pretties you picked up, but it’s just too dang hot. Amongst my new fall arrivals, were these yellow mules #swoon, they’re a little too “fall” for this look but I think I can kind of get away with pulling them out early. I think that’s the BEST part about a bold mule like these, you’ll be able to wear them now but also all fall long! I also snagged a yellow jacket to match, but I’ll have to keep that one in the closet for a while.Color Me Cliffnotes

This jumpsuit is a total showstopper! I love the bow detail and the fact that you can tie it as tight as you want, plus it has pockets … can I get a HECK YEAH! I’m wearing a size 0 regular, but I probably could have gotten away with petite. For reference I’m 5 foot with a size 26 waist. It’s a semi splurge with a $188 price tag, so shop the look for less options below if you want to save a little dough! TBH this jumpsuit probably needed a good steam before being shot but I was a bad blogger and didn’t bring it along this trip #oops.

What do you think of my Yellow mules? I hope you like them because they’re going to be pretty glued to my ankles until winter come around #sorrynotsorry. My new go-to fall shoe stepped out a little early for a sneak peek! They’re suede, super comfortable and totally worth the $100 price tag, but if you disagree, I found some look for less options for you too linked down below, woo!

A pretzel a day keeps the doctor away, that’s my new motto when it comes to my all time favorite splurge worthy bag. Since I’ve found you the real (over $300) but SO worth it & a look for less (under $50 and linked below) there is really no excuse not to take this pretzel pretty home with you. Just trust me when I say, you need it you need it you need it, k bye.

Wanna know the best part about this look? You can totally get it for less! I found a look for less version of everything I’m wearing to get your total outfit cost down to under $100 (that’s less than the price of just my Topshop shoes, that are $110 all by their lonesome).

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The Real (what I’m wearing)
Topshop ‘Ruler’ High Vamp Mule (Women) • Topshop • $110
WHIT Two Knotted Dot Jumpsuit • $188
Patricia Chang Pretzel Cross Body Bag • $325
TOTAL $550

The Steal:
Yellow Mules • $70.99  // Or Old Navy Yellow Cloggs • $26.97
Polka-Dot Sleeveless Jumpsuit • $39.60 // Or Polka Dot Jumpsuit • $35.99  (I also have this one)
Kitsch Pretzel Crossbody Bag • Betsey Johnson • $39.99
TOTAL $150 // or $101 (OH YEAH!)

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