Just Like Riding a Bike // Learning to Ride – VOL 1

22nd June 2016

IMG_7487Guys I love you, but I have to confess, I’ve been keeping a BIG secret from you… and now that’s all about to change. IMG_7488 IMG_7491    As a kid I had many talents, I could dance I could (not) sing, I could play soccer and I could pretend to be Belle (and not answer to Courtney) for weeks on end, to name a few. I loved animals, and art, and (what I thought was) fashion; and was totally convinced that when I few up I would become a Spice Girl, or an Astronaut or a Princess … I couldn’t quite decide. I was pretty freakin’ cool, and I could do almost everything …. except ride a bike.IMG_7490

I know what you’re thinking, and this wasn’t some epic trial and failure situation that left me with a broken leg and forever fearing the beast with two wheels… Nothing somer traumatic happened that prevented me from putting my pedal to the medal, I just never learned. I guess I had other priorities, you know, like trying to figure out if I should be the Yellow or the Pink power ranger and what color bands to get on my braces (a very important decision that requires all of your attention) so I couldn’t be bothered.IMG_7496

Fast forward to now: I live in New York city, without a car and I walk almost everywhere. When I’m not walking I’m in an Uber, in a cab or on the subway – but sometimes when its too long to walk but too short for a car, you want options! Enter the bike! Paris (who learned to ride like a normal kid and LOVE to bike) brought up the idea of us getting bikes and starting to ride around the city this summer. When I reminded him I don’t know how to ride, we decided it was finally time to change that.IMG_7492

So only about twenty years later, we started this journey of me, learning to ride and will be documenting it here for you! Since a ride isn’t complete with some seriously cool gear, we got the best of the best bikes from Public Bikes (seriously, I did a lot of research on this and they are the BEST place to purchase from). IMG_7493

Alright bike (and helmet) check, what else does a girl need to ride in style? Why, a super cute dress and outfit from Modcloth of course! I found this darling scallop dress at Modcloth and thought, YES this is the dress I learn to ride in! The optimist in me wore heels (LOL – literally laughing about this now) but the realist in me (eh, Paris) brought keds in his backpack and we ventured deep into the West Village to ride…. or try.IMG_7495

All I can tell you for now about our first ride is that I fell (a lot) and that I’m covered in bruises – but more information will come soon, I promise. Oh and it will be totally worth the wait! 🙂 Excited for you to take this ride with me!


Scalloped Dress – Modcloth
White Keds via Modcloth
Bike – Public M7 Mixtie from Public Bikes in Creme
Helmet – PUBLIC Helmet by Nutcase
Sunglasses via Modcloth

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  1. Barbie Everett

    OMG. this post cracks me because I have the same story! I never learned to ride a bike until I was in college and my (now) husband had to teach me! Like you said, I just had other priorities growing up and never learned!

    <3 Barbie

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