World Kindness Day

13th November 2017


As I hope you know, my main goal with Color Me Courtney is to spread happiness, kindness, positivity and smiles in all forms. So today I’m sharing 3 ways to spread kindness the week in partnership with Crest!

7516809616_IMG_85741 – Wear Color – I can’t tell you how many frowns I watch turn upside down when they see me walking by in a rainbow sweater or big red coat. Especially at this time of year, when everyone is all about black & neutrals, seeing me as a big pile of color usually makes people smile or laugh and I’m totally okay with that. Dust off your red coat and ditch the black one today, I’m sure you’ll see a change in response when you walk by. 

IMG_86922 – BYOB – Nothing makes strangers smile like wandering around with a big bouquet of balloons ! I always am toting around these candy colored creations for 

IMG_13223 – SMILE! – This last one is easy and doesn’t cost a thing, just smile! Hold the door for someone and flash those pearly whites, make eye contact on the subway and smile or just hold your head up and smile while you’re walking around. A healthy, beautiful smile is the universal way to show someone you care and the easiest way to spread kindness.  It might feel weird at first, but it really will improve your mood and the mood of everyone else around you!IMG_5500

Crest is all about protecting your smile so you can share it with the world, and that’s why their products work overtime to keep your mouth healthy and happy. To celebrate this mission and continue to spread smiles, they partnered with Wonder a new moving hitting theaters this friday sure to make you smile. Check out the trailer hereFullSizeRender

I hope you found some easy inspiration to spread kindness today and this week! During this busy time of year it can be easy to get focused on ourselves and our own needs, but really making someone smile and spending kindness should and could be a priority for all of us! To join me and help spread some cheer on World Kindness Day post your own photo or post with #ChooseSmiles and #ChooseKind! 

IMG_5920Big thanks to Crest for sponsoring this post


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