Kiss and Makeup

19th March 2012

For the second hunger games stylist wanted challenge via capitol couture, applicants were asked to create make up inspired by their chosen district.

District 3: Electronics
Some think participating in the games is the worst thing that could happen, but here at district three we feel and extra dose of shame every time we are forced to watch the blood spill of innocent children because we are the ones helping broadcast these horrors. Since the Capitol parades tributes around like puppets and dolls, this look was inspired by the bright eyed tributes forced to face death on the big screen. 
District 4: Fishing
Once upon a time children were scared of the monsters that might lie beneath the blue, but today our biggest fear is being forced to face the games. This look channels that pain, anger and fear by imitating a under-the-sea creature with Capitol like qualities: it is as monstrous as it is magical, and pretty as it is powerful.
District 5: Power
Electricity is usually considered a good thing, that brings light to a previously dark place, and nothing lights up a room like bright neons and electric hues that exude off of ones face. Electricity can conquer darkness, all it takes is the tiniest spark to set fire to the fight. 
A big big big giant thank you to the amazing Amanda from NARS. None of this would have been possible with out her.

makeup and photocred: Amanda

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