Last Min Gifts (for guys)

23rd December 2016

 Hey last min shoppers! Here’s a fail safe gift for you to get in time for Christmas!Year after year, I’ve gotten Paris all kind of crazy things from christmas – everything from Lakers Tickets to socks and everything in-between. But no matter what changes, or where we live there are two go-to, failsafe gifts I can always rely on for him, and most of the other men in my life too: sweaters & watches!untitled-2d

I won’t say all, because my father actually doesn’t like watches, but MOST men are obsessed with watches and sweaters and love getting them as gifts. From preppy, to edgy – all guys, no matter what their style is, will find happiness is a good sweater & watch combo under the tree. You can find great sweaters for killer prices right now, and I think it’s one of the most exciting years watches ever so whatever you end up wrapping up, I know he’ll love it.untitled-2ddI’m not much of a last min shopper, I do most of mine way ahead of time… but I always end up going christmas crazy the week of and over buying gifts for people I’ve already checked off my list, what can I say? I JUST LOVE CHRISTMAS! If you’re a last min gifted, meet your new BFFL – Amazon Prime. YOU GUYS KNOW I’m obsessed with buying things on amazon, I probably make between 2 and 3 purchases a week! And prime makes it so dang days to get things you need in a flash, like christmas gifts! So today I’ve rounded up a bunch of awesome watches and sweaters all available on prime for you … and to get you excited about gifting, here’s a cute little video we did to help you dance on into this holiday weekend!


Sweater Shop:
Argyle Sweater // Button Sweater // Classic Turtleneck // Moose Sweater // Classic Knit // Chunky Sweater // Vintage Button Sweater // Cowl Neck Sweater // Zip Toggle Sweater // Pocket Cardigan // Button Up Waffle Sweater // Chunky Toggle Sweater // Fair Isle Toggle // Fair Isle Zip Up // Button Up Sweater // Stripe Sweater
Watch Shop:
Moto // Hybrid // Akribos XXIV // Fossil Smart Watch // Apple Smart Watch // Leather Smart Watch // Nate Watch

OH! and if you still have nothing to give, give the gift of prime! I got it last year and it’s THE BEST THING EVER… SERIOUSLY!

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