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22nd August 2014

In case you haven’t noticed, I’m not much of a jeans wearer. Actually pants in general tend not to be my friend, but today we’re becoming besties!
So my hatred of pants, where does it come from? First of all, I’m a bit on the curvy side and my waist is by far my smallest point – so crop tops and high waisted skirts quickly became my bffs who help hide the curvy bits. Second of all, I am short, well fun-sized, so skirts and dresses help me create the illusion of height which I desperately need. Despite my general pantal-avoidance, I figured out a way to solve both of my pant-related issues while still wearing pants (well, jeggings) I know, bananas. I’ll give you a second to pick you jaw up off the floor before I share my secret. 
As I mentioned, my problems with pants stem from the inability to slim my hips and show off my smallest point and the fact that they aren’t usually short girl friendly. I was able to use these crazy comfortable high-rise jeggings to solve the problem lickety-split. Jeans/jeggings can help make you look taller, but it’s all about the perfect pair. A soft stretch pair, in either a bootcut or skinny shape in a dark blue or black wash usually fits the bill. Look for some with minimal fading or bleaching on the denim, too much can distract the eye, chop you up and actually make you look shorter – not what we signed up for, and a solid denim pair is stiff and boring. But a pair like mine with just a little bit of lightening around the knee/thigh area creates a great denim color without loosing my height. I also don’t usually hem my jeans/jeggings although they rarely fit. I keep the length and wear heels, keeping them long with a pair of pumps gives me an extra few inches. Plus my jeggings are also high-waisted, so I could pair them with a side tucked blouse or sweater while keeping the illusion of height
Now onto the waist issue, this is an easy fix: peplum party! Although peplums tend to be on their way out of style (no don’t go) I will keep rocking this trend until you begin commenting in protest (just kidding, well kind of…)! A peplum pairs perfectly with these jeggings and a skinny belt to show off my smallest point and pull your eye up, away from the curvy parts I am not so keen on. Truthfully, you can achieve this illusion with any top and a skinny belt, but the peplum really exaggerates the waist for an even smaller appearance!

Maurice High-Rise Jeggings c/o || Vintage Leather peplum (similar here & here)
Club Monaco skinny leopard calf hair belt || Vintage green clutch (last seen here)
Christian Louboutins resale via Crossroads || Jewels c/o Armed & Readi

Oh and if you’re into this whole, make me look skinnier than I am thing, swing by this post. I share some pretty sweet tips and tricks for doing so in a pencil skirt, gasp!

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20 thoughts on “Leather & Denim

  1. Patrícia M.

    Great tips, I must admit that I have a bit of the same problems that you for wearing pants because of my hips, but anyway, this looks great! I think I need to start my search for the perfect pair of jeggings. Besides that, I’m also in a big need of a leather top like that, such a perfect edgy piece.


  2. Jaime Costilow

    Great tips girls! I also struggle with bigger thighs and have a hard time finding pants that are slimming to my thighs. The peplum tops are ALWAYS a winner in my book and help cinche my waist to show off some curve. Love your leather one!

    XO, Jaime

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