Lemons, Lemons

30th August 2015

IMG_4139When life gives you lemons, make them into a dress – obviously.IMG_4127IMG_1741                 I actually don’t like normal lemonade, or even lemons in general – but I do love me some lemon print, especially in a darling retro-esque dress.IMG_1673IMG_1725IMG_1747IMG_1722IMG_1687

A little bit of lemons can go a long way, so like this dress is sprinkled with lemons, I like my lemon bites with just a bit of zest – like the lemon, blueberry and ricotta pancakes from The Spotted Pig in the West Village that basically taste like a blueberry/poppy seed muffin with a little zest and topped with ricotta – uhm, YUM!IMG_1690IMG_1739IMG_1714

Oddly enough (or maybe awesomely enough)this is not the first or only lemon dress in my closet – I own a lemon pencil dress and lemon shorts from C.wonder (rest in peace), lemon keds and two printed lemon skirts from Maison Jules, haha whoops! But Hey, lemon prints (and fruit prints in general) are so awesome so I kind of, have to own forty seven lemon printed pieces – it’s not my fault, it’s kind of mandatory. 


I shot these pretty pictures on a crazy sticky day, so humid (as proven by my hair) and just hot – basically a New York summer in a nutshell. Brittani – a awesome & loyal follower, mom to her darling daughter Pepper, and now friend  <3 who runs this amazing wedding and fashion photography company with her equally awesome husband the Hons Photo, was in town so we decided to shoot together! We wandered around the west village for maybe 20 min max and shot in some darling locations… so they basically serve as a highlight reel of some of the best places in the My Neighborhood, The West Village – the bench outside Cafe Cluny, a blogger favorite brunch spot; the magazine shop next to Paris’s favorite breakfast spot La Bonbonniere and in Hamilton’s soda and luncheonette – the cutest little soda shop (see more here).IMG_4065IMG_4148

Lemon Dress || Lips || Mason Jar Mug (also here) || Paper Straws || Nude Heels


Photos by The Hons Photo
They’re located in Orlando but they’re relocating to NYC soon – check them out here & brittani’s blog here!IMG_1731

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  1. Kathleen

    These are the cutest photos maybe ever! I adore this dress and you’re so right, lemon prints are mandatory!

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