Leo & Proud

27th August 2015

IMG_3641Fun Fact – I love being a Leo!!!IMG_3693

    I’m kind of sort of obsessed with my astrological sign! I was born July 26th, making me a Leo, baby, 😉 and I couldn’t be prouder…. ironically, in true Leo fashion! Leo’s are known for being bold, bright and sometimes even bossy (whoops); they always make an entrance and like to be the center of attention (double whoops) and often times have big, larger than life personalities. If you had a mean girl in highschool, she was probably a leo (yikes) but it’s also pretty likely that your student council president or head cheerleader was also in that leo category too (guilty!) – so some leo’s use their power for good too, I promise!IMG_3742IMG_3728

Today I’m rocking a totally cute Leo tote bag designed by the Saturn Sisters as part of their new collaboration with LOFT! The Saturn Sisters have written all your favorite horoscopes as seen in Cosmo, Teen Vogue and more awesome fashion bible sources – so of course I was so totally PYSCED about this collab.IMG_3745

I’m not really into horoscopes or astrololgy in general… just really into being a Leo (so leo of me) lol. But I do try to be a bright light in people’s lives and lift people up through positivity and super fun outfits that make you smile – like this cute and casual look from LOFT does just that. It walks the line between corporate and casual, with a denim skirt dressy enough to wear to work with a white blazer and pups or cute enough to rock on a weekend with stripes and a denim jacket. I think denim on denim always makes a bold statement in a classic way, just like being a Leo and is totally on trend right now. I also had to stick with my signature stripes, because their timeless, fun and a little bit playful – just like a Leo should be 😉IMG_3701

Horoscope Tote || Denim Pencil Skirt || Denim Jacket (obsessed with this one for fall)
Striped Tee – Under $30! (also love this one) || Black Sandals
Everything I’m wearing is under $100 – Score!!!IMG_3659

Hey Girl What’s your sign? 😉 Are you as OBSESSED with it as I am? If so – let me know! I can’t wait to hear from you! OH AND HEY, you can pick up a tote bag like mine at LOFT so soon, click here to see your horoscope and find out more!IMG_3798

This post with in partnership with LOFT & Reward Style. All opinions are my own! Thanks for supporting brands that support this blog

7 thoughts on “Leo & Proud

  1. Ashley

    I’m a Leo too (August 4th, same as Obama)! I need that bag — I always wanted a pair of those Charlotte Olympia Leo Flats but couldn’t muster the courage to spend $600 on a pair of flats I’ll destroy in four months. So I love the idea of this tote!!

    Such a great look Courtney!


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