Let it Go!

31st January 2016

IMG_7192     Welcome to my Winter Wonderland!IMG_7392IMG_7250

Have you ever heard of the Polar Bear Run ? Its this crazy bananas thing that people do on the first of the year where they run into the freezing cold ocean water in their undies or swim suit… but why? For a fresh start, because it’s a challenge or maybe just because it’s a crazy bananas tradition that crazy bananas people do. Well if you ask me, I think it’s because it’s invigorating. Sometimes it can be so fun (and also terrifying, or just plain cold) to do the impossible. In fact, defying the odds and going against all rhyme or reason can be on of the most exciting adventures yet.IMG_7204

I’ve said this before, and I’m going to keep saying it – Perfect if Boring!!! What makes up beautiful is what makes us different! I think thats why I (like everyone else) related to Elsa in Disney’s Frozen (Yes, of course I’m talking about Frozen now – didn’t you see the photos!?) and why this movie was so Epic and relevant! Think about it – Elsa, goes from living in fear of herself, her talents and what makes her special from thinking she has to be alone to be true to herself, to learning that the two aren’t mutually exclusive and that if you can accept yourself, others can too – woo! So what’s stopping the rest of us from following her lead, facing our fears and being ourselves despite the consequences? I’m not sure but whatever it is we have to get rid of it!            IMG_7445

Step one to acting like a princess is always wearing your invisible crown, got it? Good shine that thing up and put it on! Okay, now for step two – twirl a little. If you’re in the market for a fairy-princess tulle skirt (and you should be) Bliss Tulle is your one stop twirl shop. I have a few tulleys and I love them ALL – Wearing a Tulle skirt can be a lot of work but these are always light weight, comfortable (and not itchy), twirl-worthy and fit like a dream!IMG_7535

Speaking of twirl-worthy Bliss Tulle pretties… I also have (And love) this skirt || I’ve been OBSESSING over this Skirt || And kind of need this Skirt

IMG_7175I love when a girl can grow up with a brand – like I have with Disney, (but hey, who says anything about growing up). There are very few shops that I shopped at while I was in high school but can still buy things from – and Windsor is one of them. I bought pretty much every “formal” dress I had at Windsor growing up – Winter Formal, Valentines Dance, Prom, you name it – and just last year I bought a faux leather trench from Windsor that I’ll wear again this Spring. I guess thats why when I needed a formal-y dress for this Winter Wonderland moment, I went back to where it all began, Windsor! I picked up this blue Elsa moment dress, but also a white lace number that I wore as a top tucked into my Tulle skirt – and doubling up, down below (the skirt + the dress underneath) helped keep me from freezing!IMG_7373

Some more similar dresses to drool over include:  this one || this one || and this one IMG_7475

Okay back to bravery – How cool would it be to be fearless? I’m not there and probably won’t ever be but that’s quite an aspiration! Jumping head first into the things that scare you, running without reason into the chilling unknown – some may call if crazy or terrifying but right now, all I can think is – sounds cool! IMG_7588

Next time you find yourself Frozen in fear, think like Elsa and remember ”The biggest mistake you can make in your life is to be continually fearing you’ll make one” IMG_7152

Wearing: White Dress from Windsor (as a top) and most amazing Full Length Tulle Skirt from Bliss TulleAlso Wearing a Blue Dress from Windsor.IMG_7437

So here’s too running head on into the chilling cold and all it holds! I mean Hey, The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway! 😉

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  1. Danielle

    You are so beautiful! I love every outfit so so much. They are so wimsical and magical!! You are definitely a princess!

    Keep Sparkling!

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