Let’s Talk About Trends

21st May 2014

Happy Wednesday, or should i say trends-day! Today we’re reviewing springs hottest trends and talking about how to reinvent them for summer!

Spring never disappoints in terms of trends and 2014 was no different – pastel hues, crop tops, sporty styles and even overalls were all the rage this year. But as we start to step into summer, it’s time to separate the fading fads from the true trends and determine what styles are here to stay. So today, I’m taking these trends from runway to everyday and reviewing the results; consider this your go-to guide for Spring/summer 2014
Oh Sooo Sporty
Sporty styles with an edgy twist were so hot this Spring. Jogger shorts, perforated leather and stylish slide
ons worn with leather jackets or cool bombers helped give your gym gear a glamorous makeover!

Shoes by bucketfeet

The sporty trend is perfect for summer weekend wear or even a mini vacay. It’s easy, effortless and just downtown cool – plus, it’s great to have a trend that allows for sneakers and flats! Ditch your leather jacket and wear your jogger shorts, with a cool tee or button down blouse; or pair stylish slide ons and cool sneakers with a flirty summer dress for a fun twist on the trend.

from sporty courty
Crop tops are nothing new, but they aren’t just for the six-pack gym rats anymore! If you’re like me, and can’t put down the Cookie Dough Ice Cream (okay, now I’m hungry), or just want to wear this trend while being a little conservative, meet the high waisted skirt – your crop top’s new BFF. This perfect pairing with helps hide the hips, slim your waist and displays a smidge of midriff all while tackling this trend!
We saw long sleeved crop tops and midi skirts for spring, but give this trend a summer make over with short sleeve crop tops with a fun back (open or bow details) to pair with miniskirts or high-waist shorts.

I love the 90’s

This Spring we took things back to 1995 with overalls, oversized earrings (try wearing just one… because why not!) distressed denim and the classic sweater worn around the waist.

I thought my favorite 90’s trend would be overalls, but I have also been wearing ripped denim and a wrapped around sweater all season long. To make this trend translate to summer, just think shorter – switch jean overalls for overall shorts, and distressed denim for ripped shorts! You can even keep the sweater trend, but swapping it out for a long sleeve tee or light weight flannel.

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XO Courtney Quinn

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    1. Courtney

      Love the idea of a crop over a dress – I’ve done it only once this year but need to bring it back … thanks for the reminder, and the sweeeet comment XO :]

    1. Courtney

      I didn’t think I would be on board with the 90’s but i SO AM – watching clueless as week speak – long live the 90’s!

  1. Mag KP

    What a nice summary :) It was good to see them all again. Red dress picture is my favourite.

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